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Big Cat Country Q&A: Why is everyone still talking about Trevor Lawrence?

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions ahead of our Week 5 matchup against the Houston Texans.

Today we’re talking about Doug Marrone, Dave Caldwell, how Jarrod Wilson changes this defense, and why everyone is still talking about Trevor Lawrence.

Jake from Mobile, AL

Q: Is the Jaguars secondary going to be better with Jarrod Wilson coming back?

A: Yes, but that’s not the question you should be asking yourself. Will the Jaguars secondary be good with Jarrod Wilson coming back? The answer is no. The defense will not be good until the secondary overcomes several glaring obstacles — C.J. Henderson being the only halfway decent defensive back on the roster, pass rush not getting home, Todd Wash taking more chances, Taven Bryan being fired, and Joe Schobert playing like he did with the Cleveland Browns to name a few. Jarrod Wilson is an upgrade, sure, but I don’t even know how much his return moves the needle.

Thomas from Gainesville, FL

Q: Who is worse — the head coach or the general manager? And, how close is it?

A: The general manager and it’s not even close.

Daniel from London, England

Q: Are Tre Herndon and C.J. Henderson actually bad? Or is it just the lack of pressure up front giving them a near impossible job? Will either of the defensive linemen we worked out this week solve this?

A: Tre Herndon isn’t good but C.J. Henderson is okay. The defensive line is getting pressure, it’s just that opposing quarterbacks have a higher-than-average release to their throws, telling me the secondary isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. As far as the defensive linemen we worked out this, substantial help is not on the way. Maybe a sack here or there, but nothing that really transforms this unit. It is what it is.

JP from Appleton, WI

Q: Is there anyone in America worse at their job than Todd Wash?

A: Probably the guy up for re-election in a month.

Desmond from Jacksonville, FL

Q: If the Jaguars defense cause more turnovers (hopefully) do you think they’ll have a legit chance of getting that No. 7 seed playoff spot?

A: That’s like saying “if the sky wasn’t blue” or “if water wasn’t wet”. The reality is this defense is not currently sacking quarterbacks or forcing turnovers. Yes, if this defense could force turnovers they’d stand a better chance at making the playoffs, but you’re talking about a completely different defense at that point.

Jim from Kingsland, GA

Q: Is Taven Bryan continuing to improve or has be bumped into the ceiling already?

A: He just stinks.

Juan from Seattle, WA

Q: Given that Gardner Minshew individually still places himself in the top 10 in a majority of quarterback stats for the season, are we being unfair with him with all this “he’s not the guy” or “he’s a career back up” talk?

A: Listen, man. I like Gardner Minshew. I think he’s the best quarterback we’ve had in over a decade. He’s a fine quarterback. But what stats does Gardner Minshew rank in the top 10? He’s 15th in touchdown percentage (5.4%), 23rd in interception rate (2.7%), 16th in yards per attempt (7.7), 18th in adjusted yards per attempt (7.6), 22nd in yards per completion (10.7), and 26th in sack rate (8.1%). He’s top 10 in passing yards and touchdowns because the team is giving him two or three times as many passing attempts as they are James Robinson is getting carries. Minshew has been fine so far this season, but he hasn’t been good enough to keep us from talking about Trevor Lawrence.

Big On Blake from Philadelphia, PA

Q: How is this not a get right game for Houston?

A: I don’t know, Big On Blake.

Don from San Diego, CA

Q: Although I still think we make a play for quarterback early in the draft, what other primary position would you target in this draft class in the first three rounds? Also what key free agents should we target?

A: I haven’t even looked at the free agent class for next year but if there’s a pass rusher available I’d go for it. Same with cornerback. As far as the draft, I’d say quarterback, offensive lineman, and tight end in the first three rounds.

Stephen from Clermont, FL

Q: I know Gardner Minshew isn’t an elite quarterback, but why do people act like drafting a quarterback next year is going to fix everything? Like all of a sudden the Jaguars will become a top-10 team with an elite defense who can pressure the quarterback and have shut down corners and a coordinator who knows what a blitz is?

A: No, it won’t fix that. But it does mean that when those pieces are in place (which is easier to do than finding a franchise quarterback) you can take advantage. Watch guys like Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson and tell me you can win in today’s game without a guy who goes toe to toe with them.

Thomas from Gainesville, FL

Q: Too soon for “Luton Lunacy”? Trademark pending.

A: It will always be too soon for Luton Lunacy.

Ryan from Baker County, FL

Q: Was my parents’ divorce my fault? Also, what are the chances we get both Eric Bieniemy and Wade Phillips as head coach and defensive coordinator?

A: About the same as your parents getting back together, Ryan.