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Big Cat Country Q&A: How long until the Jaguars are a playoff contender?

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions ahead of our Week 10 matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Today we’re talking about which NFC East team to watch out for in the Trevor Lawrence-Justin Fields Sweepstakes, James Robinson’s chances at the Pro Bowl, and what happens if we actually win on Sunday.

Chris from Niagara Fields, Canada

Q: The NFC East is giving me nightmares about screwing us out the second overall pick. Washington would be all over Justin Fields. The New York Giants are a toss up. The Dallas Cowboys could get out of cap hell if they let Dak Prescott walk and took either one. Would you sign Dak Prescott if the Cowboys finished ahead of us and selected Fields? Or, would you take another quarterback in the draft early?

A: I think the NFC East is filled with people who could wreck the Jaguars’ chances at a top-two pick too, but what gives me comfort is the remaining schedule. Who’s going to lose to us? The Green Bay Packers? The Pittsburgh Steelers? The Baltimore Ravens? The only way I could see us flubbing up a top-two pick is with the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts to end the season — the Bears because they’re just not very good and the Colts because they could have clinched a playoff spot and would be resting starters in Week 17. As far as signing Dak Prescott, I’d only start to think about that if the Jaguars are out of reach for either of Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, and even then I think Dave Caldwell would be willing to trade up to get one of them. I wouldn’t sign Dak right now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t feel different if we end up with, say, the fourth overall pick or something like that.

Curran from Orlando, FL

Q: Football Outsiders has Jacksonville’s offensive line ranked eighth overall in run blocking and dead last in pass blocking. How does this offensive line get better moving forward? Would you give Cam Robinson a second contract?

A: It’s strange that this team is so far apart in run blocking vs. pass blocking and I don’t think we have the worst pass blocking offensive line in football, but it is better at run blocking. The first place you have to look is the caliber of player we have at running back vs. quarterback. James Robinson has been very good, undrafted rookie or not. Gardner Minshew... has not. And no, I wouldn’t give Cam Robinson a second contract but they may be forced too because there’s only so many holes you can have on your roster going forward.

Bob from Shanghai, China

Q: Would you be happy if Jake Luton gets hurt and we turn to Mike Glennon and start winning games by 10 to 15 points?

A: You literally just described my nightmare worst-case scenario. I might quit Big Cat Country if both our young quarterbacks get hurt and Mike Glennon falls ass backwards into a 6-10 record and hangs on to compete for a starting job next year.

Dummy from Yulee, FL

Q: If we end up in position to draft Trevor Lawrence, does the team make a run at Dabo Swinney for head coach?

A: No.

Austin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is James Robinson a Pro Bowl player this year?

A: He’s sixth in rushing yards, eighth in total yards, and tied for sixth in rushing yards per carry among running backs. He’s a fringe Pro Bowl candidate, but yeah he’s there.

Jake from Mobile, AL

Q: Is Tiger Woods going to win the Masters?

A: I liked Justin Thomas’ chances before the tournament started.

Ray from New Iberia, LA

Q: Could Taven Bryan’s career be saved if he was moved to a 3-4 defensive end since he is the same size and has the same quickness as J.J. Watt? I think he’s playing out of position.

A: Taven Bryan is not a good football player and would not benefit from any defensive scheme change no matter who is around him.

Jim from Kingsland, GA

Q: Is it my imagination or have the number of comments on Big Cat Country dropped significantly? If so, why?

A: There’s a few factors. First, we switched to a new backend when it comes to comments and... there have been a lot of kinks to work out. I think also we’re at an all time high when it comes to apathy with this team. We have more losses than any other NFL franchise over the past decade. We’re two weeks away from Shad Khan’s 100th loss since buying the team. He’s in the middle of just his ninth season of ownership. If we were to win out, he’d still have averaged double digit losses per season. As it stands, we’re looking at an average record with the Jaguars being 4-12 under his leadership.

Carson from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What happens if we somehow beat the Green Bay Packers?

A: Then Gardner Minshew is put on season ending injured reserve, Jake Luton is the official starter for the rest of the year, and I take a few personal days to figure out how we can still have one of the top two picks in the 2021 NFL Draft when all is said and done. There would be gin involved.

Jacari from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How long before this team is a yearly playoff contender?

A: How long until Dave Caldwell is fired?