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Big Cat Country Q&A: How do you feel about the Jaguars drafting Kyle Trask?

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions after a hard-fought Week 10 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Today we’re talking about pumping the brakes on Justin Fields, Shad Khan’s 100th loss, and the possibility of drafting Kyle Trask.

Mike from Charlotte, NC

Q: Should we pump the brakes on being all in on Justin Fields?

A: No? Listen, this Jaguars team did much better than expected on Sunday, but the notion that a franchise quarterback wouldn’t completely transform this team is a wrong one. Look at what Kyler Murray is doing. And Tua Tagovailoa. And Justin Herbert. Those are young quarterbacks who have taken solid (but not stellar) rosters around them and made them much better than they actually are. If the Jaguars end up with a pick in the top two they have more problems than quarterback, but none are more pressing than quarterback... if that makes sense.

Mark from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How are we celebrating Shad Khan’s 100th loss next week?

A: Milk and cookies. I don’t know. Shad Khan bought this team in 2012 and in fewer than nine full seasons he’ll have amassed 100 losses by this time next week. Statistically, that shouldn’t be possible. It’s the worst record in the NFL since 2012. Not one of the worst. Not among the worst. The worst. There is no one who has enjoyed as much failure as our fan base and it looks like we’re going to keep it humming into 2021 despite all of that. We’re going to give Dave Caldwell his fourth shot at fixing the quarterback situation. We’re going to let Doug Marrone continue to have his heart ripped out of his chest losing in the most agonizing ways because he has to start an insurance salesman at safety due to injury.

RJ from Sanford, FL

Q: Can this defense, hopefully under a new coordinator, actually be good next year?

A: No because that would require some good play at edge rusher. We don’t have that. Josh Allen has stunk out loud this season, K’Lavon Chaisson is still learning on the job, and Dawuane Smoot has flashed but he’s not the answer either. I also don’t think Todd Wash is gone next season if Doug Marrone stays. But, all that said, I think the defense can be competent enough to keep this team in games longer. Granted, that will require an upgrade at quarterback, but I don’t think it’ll be as bad next year as it has been this year. But it still won’t be good for a while.

Chevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Insert Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence and we’re probably pretty set, no?

A: On offense, sure. This offense is set up well and I think people are underestimating that side of the ball because the quarterback play has been bad so far. But on offense? Yeah, that’ll be fun.

Cheyenne from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Did the Green Bay Packers cheat against us today?

A: Yes, by drafting Aaron Rodgers after two-thirds of the NFL passed on him.

Tanner from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What are your thoughts on DaVon Hamilton?

A: I think @PintOfJack summed it up best — drafting DaVon Hamilton in the third round is better (from a value standpoint) than drafting Derrick Brown in the first round. He is the second-best draft pick on this roster behind only Laviska Shenault.

Altwan from Raleigh, NC

Q: What does Shad Khan do with Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell since it’s now determined that the Jaguars won’t have a winning season?

A: If history has taught us anything, he’ll give them both multi-year contract extensions.

Jacob from Atlanta, GA

Q: Is Kyle Trask improving his stock enough to take over Justin Fields if we don’t finish with a top-two draft pick?

A: I mean, he’s currently the front-runner to win the Heisman. I would still probably take three quarterbacks over him, but I could also be overthinking this. Listen, Kyle Trask has played well and it would go over great with the fan base. But I just watch Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence and those two are in a completely different stratosphere, you know? But if we don’t secure a top-two draft pick, I’d think about it — especially at the end of the first round or the top of the second round.