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Big Cat Country Q&A: What do the Jaguars do if they fumble the tank?

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions after our Week 7 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Today we’re talking about fumbling the tank, Gardner Minshew’s injury, and Lot J.

Cameron from Fairfield, IA

Q: For us out-of-state fans, how’s that Lot J project coming along?

A: Better than when it started. It looked as though the city was going to give Shad Khan everything he asked for (and some things he didn’t) and not really get much in return. Now the city council is pushing back, some members asking for an extended team lease in return for public money. Public sentiment is also leaning away from Khan as this thing drags out.

Mike from Charleston, SC

Q: What’s going to happen when, not if, we win two more games and end up with like pick 4 or 5? Do well sell off all our other capital to move up? That seems to be worst case scenario to me.

A: Unfortunately, that’s what you have to do. Right now, I think that only Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are definitely worth the farm and I think the top two teams get him this year. Trey Lance is very good, but I’m still not completely sold — although I’d be fine with the pick if we drop down in the first round and can’t find a trade partner. The New York Jets are one of those teams. What about the New York Giants? The Atlanta Falcons? We’ll have to be aggressive in clawing our way back up there if we fumble the tank and win a game or two.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Q: Does knowing that Gardner Minshew has been hurt for the past three weeks change anything?

A: No. If he was hurt at the end of the Tennessee Titans game, sure. But he bombed on Thursday Night Football and again the week after that against the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s gotten better in recent weeks but he’s still regressed. Unless the injury happened earlier, it doesn’t change anything for me. If anything, it concerns me that Gardner Minshew would knowingly hide his injury. What are we even doing here?

Dee from Lexington, KY

Q: Why is it every time we make a good play on defense after playing man coverage, we switch right back to zone. And for that matter why have we not switched to a 3-4 with the player personal that we have on defense and pick up two good defensive tackles through a trade or free agency.

A: Well, as far as playing zone so much it’s because man coverage takes very skilled, very athletic defensive backs and... well... we just don’t have good enough players to use it more often. As far as 3-4, I think a blitz-heavy 3-4 scheme would be to our advantage but 1. I don’t want to see us win any more games and 2. Todd Wash doesn’t know how to run a 3-4 defense.

Ryan from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Is the answer to why our defense is so bad due to youth or wrong players on the team?

A: You can’t discount the youth of this defense, but the players are also not good. It’s a perfect storm brought on by the mismanagement of this front office.

Wesley from Salt Lake City, UT

Q: How did we beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1 and come close to beating the Tennessee Titans in Week 2 when we are one of the worst teams in the league?

A: Week 1 is easy. We had a turnover prone Philip Rivers at home. The season opener is always a little wacky and if you’re going to pull out an upset, that’s the time to do it. Week 2 is a little tougher, but I just think Gardner Minshew was able to get into a rhythm sooner in the game and kept the momentum going. When he starts slow, the team just bottoms out. Looking back, the team that played those first two weeks was benefitting from their opponents being a little underprepared and not having the benefit of film on Jay Gruden’s new offensive tendencies, Gardner Minshew’s weaknesses, and more. The team you’ve seen the last few weeks is what this roster can do, which is to say very little.

Big John from Los Angeles, CA

Q: Does anyone else feel like we don’t really have an NFL team anymore? I’ve never been so disappointed with this franchise.

A: I’m with you, Big John.