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Big Cat Country Q&A: What are you expecting out of Jake Luton?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions ahead of our Week 9 game against the Houston Texans.

Today we’re talking about Shad Khan’s negligence of this team, Jim Harbaugh, and what happens if Jake Luton has a really good couple of games.

Erik from East Lansing, MI

Q: What are the chances we actually reset our front office and fix the problems with this team? We’ve had the same general manager since 2013 and I’m not confident whatsoever Shad Khan will do the right thing for this team whatsoever.

A: Shad Khan will continue doing the wrong things for this franchise until he does the right things. Whether or not you’re rooting for a tank job by the Jaguars, that’s what’s happening — we’re not going to the playoffs and we’re not likely to finish above last place in the AFC South. In fact, Shad Khan is on his way to his 100th loss this season. 100 losses in less than a decade. Until Shad Khan fires someone without having his back up against the wall by the NFL Players Association, he’s not firing someone.

Mike from Charleston, SC

Q: What’s going to happen when, not if, we win two more games and end up with like pick 4 or 5? Do well sell off all our other capital to move up? That seems to be worst case scenario to me.

A: Unfortunately, that’s what you have to do. Right now, I think that only Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are definitely worth the farm and I think the top two teams get him this year. Trey Lance is very good, but I’m still not completely sold — although I’d be fine with the pick if we drop down in the first round and can’t find a trade partner. The New York Jets are one of those teams. What about the New York Giants? The Atlanta Falcons? We’ll have to be aggressive in clawing our way back up there if we fumble the tank and win a game or two.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

Q: If he leaves Michigan after this year, does Jim Harbaugh do anything for you?

A: Not really. I just don’t think he’s as good a coach or leader or football mind as other options you have out there. Why wouldn’t we go after someone like Eric Bieniemy? Or Joe Brady? I’d rather have either one of those guys when a rookie quarterback goes under center in 2021.

James from Ashland, KY

Q: This is as close to 0% as anything to happening but let’s say Jake Luton some how goes out there and plays Justin Herbert-esque for the entire season, and much like Herbert, the team’s defense lets them down and we still end up with the No. 2 overall pick. We’re still picking Justin Fields if Trevor Lawrence is off the board, right?

A: Yes, but I wouldn’t worry about any of that.

Jared from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What are your realistic expectations for Jake Luton this Sunday?

A: Less than 60 percent completed passes, fewer than 200 yards, and a double-digit loss.

Joshua from Kansas City, MO

Q: Do the New York Jets have two winnable games left in their schedule?

A: They do not.

Ryhan from Solihull, UK

Q: I was wondering, is American football played recreationally in America? In England, Sunday League Football (soccer) is huge so just wondered if it was the same in United States or it’s just the NFL, XFL, some other professional leagues, or nothing?

A: Football in America doesn’t have the benefit of a single governing body for the sport like England. It’s a bit cobbled together when you’re talking professional or semi-professional — there have been (and are) a lot of amateur or semi-professional leagues throughout the country but they’re all disparate of one another. But when you’re talking youth football, hoo boy, that’s a beast. Football rules every college, high school, and even middle school in the South. And it’s wildly popular on the West Coast too as well as pockets in the North. There are roughly one million kids playing football at the high school level and the number of college players is in the tens of thousands. Football is just tough on the body. It’s hard to do it recreationally after a certain age.

Juice from Longview, TX

Q: What is the worse case scenario for the future of the team in reference to the rest of the 2020 season?

A: Winning more games than they lose.