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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans: Week 14 live blog

Follow along all day for coverage and live commentary before, during, and after the game as the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Tennessee Titans in Week 14 of the regular season.

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars (1-11) are hosting the Tennessee Titans (8-4) in Week 14 of the 2020 NFL season.

Can the defense slow down Derrick Henry or will those of us who have him on our fantasy team root him on through tears and gritted teeth as he helps us blow out our opponent in the first week of the playoffs? What does Collin Johnson have to say about being a major contributor for the final four games and into 2021? Will Mike Glennon take another safety? How quickly does James Robinson get to 32 rushing yards today, making him only the fourth undrafted rookie running back with 1,000 rushing yards on the season?

These questions and more will be answered at 1pm EST...


How to watch

Need to find out how to watch, stream, or listen to today’s game? We got you covered here.

Live blog

3:44 PM: The Iron Sheik is shouting out Derrick Henry. Sad.

3:29 PM: The only reason I still tune into these games.


3:14 PM: Gardner Minshew is gonna be the starter the rest of the year, isn’t he?

2:25 PM: Jaguars fans now chanting for Gardner Minshew. Good job, everyone.

2:20 PM: There’s the Derrick Henry touchdown fantasy managers in the playoffs were waiting for. Whew.

1:55 PM: Defense with a fourth down stop. They’re playing well enough to make Doug Marrone consider putting in Gardner “Spark” Minshew in the third quarter and...

Oh dear.

1:52 PM: Joe Giles-Harris with the sack! Big playmaker last two weeks — four hits on Kirk Cousins last week and a sack this week.

1:16 PM: But Doug Marrone has them playing tough, right?

1:12 PM: Jaguars drive into field goal range but Aldrick Rosas slips as he was trying to make contact with the ball for a 53-yard attempt. Wasn’t on any painted part and the field doesn’t appear to be wet. Neat!

1:00 PM: Jaguars win toss, will start on offense. Let’s get this over with.

12:50 PM: Alfie wildin’ out today, folks.

12:37 PM: The Adam Schefter report about Doug Marrone staying on after this season is kind of a non-story but... the “could be given a chance” is giving me anxiety.

6:28 AM: Good morning, Jaguars fans! This is the only thing I care about today. Go get 1,000 yards, king.