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New official ‘Tanksonville’ shirts available

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have been experiencing a rough season so far, losing 13 straight games and getting blown out again for the 13th in a row. Fear not though, Jaguars fans, thanks to the New York Jets winning and blowing it, Tanksonville is in full effect as the team has moved in position for the No. 1 overall pick.

We can now celebrate this special, potentially franchise saving day, with a new t-shirt or a hoodie just in time for the winter months. A sleek, fitting design for what has been mostly an awful season can now be worn with pride, for the momentous season that could possibly land the Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and turn their long time woes around.

It didn’t look like the tank job was on after a shocking Week 1 win, but with only two games left against teams in the playoff hunt, Sacksonville might have successfully transitioned to Tanksonville.

You can grab the new shirts here.