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Big Cat Country Q&A: How important is Trevor Lawrence in keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville?

ACC Championship - Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions now that we hold the No. 1 overall pick!

Today we’re talking about Trevor Lawrence, keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville, punters as quarterbacks, and more.

Graeme from Paisley, Scotland

Q: Shad Khan has recently threatened to relocate the Jaguars. Assuming we get the No. 1 overall pick as now expected and draft Trevor Lawrence, how important could that be in keeping the team in Jacksonville? Obviously, results need to improve in the next few years. But if that happens with a legit franchise quarterback, could it affect those discussions?

A: It would absolutely affect those discussions. I don’t think Shad would have nearly the fight he’s had from the City Council or the general public if the Jaguars had even moderate success. The team’s poor showing on the field has affected things off the field when it comes to downtown development and economic opportunity — fewer people want to go to games because, well, the team stinks and we’ve got more losses than any other team over the past decade. You’re losing out on tens of thousands of people flocking to downtown for eight Sundays a year. That’s potentially millions of dollars going into the hands of local businesses who pay top dollar to rent or lease properties down there. If the Jaguars are successful — and no single position is more important to a football team’s success than the quarterback — the people will come. It’s not the other way around, it never was, and it never should be.

Jeff from Rocklin, CA

Q: Let’s just say we get the No. 1 overall pick — do you think we screw that up? As in, do you think we would hire a general manager that doesn’t see Trevor Lawrence as the first step to building a winning culture?

A: I don’t. I think even the oldest school or oatmeal brain’d general manager would look at the Jaguars roster, look at Trevor Lawrence, and then never look back.

Ben from Chicago, IL

Q: Should the team sit out James Robinson to keep him healthy for next season?

A: You can try, but I don’t want to be the one to tell him he’s not going to play against Chicago when he grew up less than two hours away in Rockford. If he can play, he’ll play.

Nathan from Melbourne, FL

Q: So can we start the punter at quarterback for the rest of the season?

A: I’d rather start A.J. Cann.

Stevie from Cork, Ireland

Q: Could this really happen...?!

A: Stevie, it can. And I think it does.

Sean from Dudley, UK

Q: I’m not really in the know about college football. Just how good could Trevor Lawrence be and who is he comparable to if you have to compare him to a current quarterback? Is the hype justified?

A: I think the hype is justified if your expectations are that Trevor Lawrence is the best quarterback in college right now and that he offers you the best chance to immediately upgrade that position. As far as a comparable quarterback, I don’t really know. He has a 6’6” and 220 pound frame like a wide receiver and his 40-yard dash time is 4.7 seconds. He’s fast, he has a great arm, but he’s not as elusive as a Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson in the pocket. He’s a throwback prototypical No. 1 overall pick at quarterback — like a John Elway or Drew Bledsoe except he can run really well too. I don’t know... Daniel Jeremiah said Deshaun Watson so let’s go with that. But there are stark differences in the way they play the game.

Stan from Orlando, FL

Q: Did we just win our Super Bowl?

A: No, that’s next week if we take care of business this week. We’re at the AFC Championship stage right now.

Richard from Bristol, UK

Q: If we do get Trevor Lawrence with the first pick, what’s the best use of the our other first round pick to build around him?

A: You trade everything you have to get into a position to draft Kyle Pitts and you call it a day.