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Nearly 1,000 Jaguars fans want to take the field to secure the tank and get Trevor Lawrence

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are two losses away from the No. 1 overall draft pick and the ability to draft a potential franchise quarterback in Trevor Lawrence.

We asked earlier for you to do your part and take the field — replacing the players these final two weeks to secure the tank.

And y’all responded.

We had nearly 1,000 submissions in all — enough for 20 active game day rosters and then a few of you left over for good measure. In case someone pulls a hamstring or tweaks an ankle getting out of bed that morning.

Below is the team we’ll be submitting to TIAA Bank Field on Thursday. It still needs to be cut down from 53 players for game day, but we’ll let Doug Marrone handle that.

Make sure you hydrate, everyone. And Godspeed.

Quarterbacks (4): Dylan Jacob Knight, Robert Breaux, Austin Gabbert Peek, and Lightning

Dylan is the starter as he signed up mere minutes after submissions went live. I like that hustle. He’ll do us well. Robert specifically asked to be the second string quarterback and it’s admirable to have someone show up and know their limitations. Good head on this guy’s shoulders. I have a good feeling about our QB3. Strong name. And Lightning (if that is his real name) would be a welcome addition as a 6’2” 270 pound thumper who has to “weigh my options and make sure my medical and life insurance are right so I’ll be the guy on the phones.” Lightning is a profile in courage.

Running backs (4): Graeme McLeod, David Carlisle, Josh Berglin, Jonathan Lallement

Graeme is our bell cow back because in his words he has “arthritis in one knee and promise I won’t get close to a first down.” We need that kind of self awareness and commitment. Josh said he could also be our kicker and boy do I need to see someone take an NFL snap who doesn’t know if they’d be a running back or a kicker. Jonathan has bad knees too. The running backs room is gonna need some more Advil.

Wide receivers (6): Lane Pittman, Keith Johnson, Tanner Tresca, Sebastian Smart, Jesus Gomez, Lucy “The Dog” Lawler

You might remember Lane as the guy who faced down a hurricane with nothing but a head of beautiful locks and an American flag. But did you also know that the Foo Fighters shouted him out once? WR1 and it’s not even close.

Keith said he’s coming for D.J. Chark’s position and I need that sort of machismo on my squad. Tanner and Sebastian were the only people to request being a slot receiver so they’re in automatically. Lucy is a golden retriever. If she tries to Air Bud us into a last minute victory, she’s riding the bench. (She’ll still be a good girl though.)

Tight ends (3): Robert Evans, Chad Smith, and Kenny Goad

Robert is a hybrid edge rusher / tight end and we’ll need all the depth we can get after a dozen guys are hospitalized by the middle of the first quarter. Chad is on the team because I think it’s against the law not to have a guy named Chad on your roster. Kenny is another hybrid, but he said he can play tight end, fullback, and quarterback. Okay, Dallas Clark, let’s see what you got.

Offensive line (8): Rodney Jackson, Jr., Jeremy VanVactor, Daniel Philipose, Casey Bradsheet, Amber, Brandon Ward, Trevor’s Guardian Angel, Kevin Rose

Rodney is our starting left tackle. If you’re a Junior, you’re a lock for the left tackle spot. Jeremy is a self-professed 5’7” and 165 pounds. He said he wanted to be a backup but... nah, you’re playing guard. Daniel is 5’ 4” and 140 pounds so he’s at center. Casey said he could be placeholder so he sounds perfect for right guard. Amber, suit up, you’re the first woman to play a professional football game and you’re making your debut at right tackle.

Defensive line (9): Katie Inman, Joe Frederick, Ralph Landau, Jason, Zach Puldy, Graham Nichols, Justin Sappington, Bruno Rodrigues dos Santos, Martin Aftuck

Katie applied for the position of “defensive linewoman” and I teared up a little. Get on out there, Katie. I’ve always liked the name Ralph. Ralph. Strong name, Ralph. Don’t let anyone call you Ralphie or you’re cut. Jason is 180 pounds. Perfect nose tackle. And I’m not having another kid, but if I do and it’s a son... his name shall be Bruno Rodrigues dos Santos. Powerful.

Linebackers (9): Ken Harris, Frank Silba, Darren Gardner, Paul Baumstark, Nick Ciacciarelli, Tyler Morrell, Corey Weir, Melissa Dickerson, Lucas Nordin

I included everyone who said they wanted to play middle linebacker because I need to meet the people who volunteer to play middle linebacker against actual professional football players.

Defensive backs (6): James Upton, Jeff Albaneze, Mark “I once tackled Mewelde Moore” Bennett, Terrelle Williams, Rusty King, Damian May

Jeff wants to play slot cornerback and, folks, I say we let him. Mark, did you really? I almost don’t want to put you on here if it’s true... but I will. Rusty wants to blitz every down and I say we allow that. Damian said “I have literally two broken heels” and that sounds like a perfect cornerback for the system we’re trying to run.

Special teams (4): Owen, Thomas Thrift, Hakieem Mack, Devin “The Rugger” Wright

Owen said he’s a kickoff specialist and I need that sort of bravado. Thomas said he can be punter and punt returner and... sure. In Hakieem’s own words he “cannot kick” so he’s perfect. Devin, you’re our utility guy who gets in fights all the time.