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Big Cat Country Q&A: Are you worried about Trevor Lawrence staying at Clemson?

ACC Championship - Clemson v Notre Dame Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions now that we hold the No. 1 overall pick!

Today we’re talking about Doug Marrone, cheering for the opponent, the importance of our next few hires, and (of course) Trevor Lawrence.

Matt from Tremonton, UT

Q: Does anyone else think that is an embarrassment to keep Doug Marrone any longer? He’s switched quarterbacks five times now, has a 1-14 record, and he’s an offensive line coach whose offensive line is atrocious.

A: I didn’t expect my column to begin with a defense of Doug Marrone, yet here we are. I think he should be fired, alright? I do. I think a completely clean slate is what this franchise needs, starting with Trevor Lawrence. But to think that Doug Marrone is what’s wrong is misplaced blame. With a few exceptions, including hitching his wagon to defensive coordinator Todd Wash, I like Doug Marrone. I really do. The players are still bought in. The franchise isn’t in a constant state of embarrassing upheaval. He made some wrong moves but he was dealt a crappy hand too. I can’t imagine how sad I’d be if I came to work and my quarterbacks were Gardner Minshew, Mike Glennon, and Jake Luton. Like... bro. And the offensive line hasn’t been bad. They certainly weren’t bad yesterday. The quarterbacks are bad. Very bad. And they will continue to make everyone else look bad until they are benched for our first overall pick in April. I wish Doug Marrone the best. He’s been a fun guy to cover these last few years.

Jacob from Camarillo, CA

Q: Is this what winning feels like?

A: I haven’t felt this good after a Jaguars game since 2017.

Matthew from Edinburgh, Scotland

Q: Who are your top 2021 free agent targets?

A: Hmmm... I’d re-sign Cam Robinson, Dawuane Smoot, Keelan Cole, Sidney Jones, and Tyler Shatley. From other teams? Matt Judon, Trey Hendrickson, and Justin Simmons.

Lucas from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What can we do with Trevor Lawrence and everything else we’ll add in the next two years?

A: Become a perennial playoff team.

Jay from Purvis, MS

Q: Not a question but we’re getting Trevor Lawrence!

A: Feels good, Jay.

Sanjay from Seattle, WA

Q: Does the head coach hire matter now that we have the can’t miss prospect in Trevor Lawrence?

A: Yes. It matters more now than if we had a journeyman at quarterback. So does the general manager. I like Rick Smith. I think he did some good things with the Houston Texans before Bill O’Brien flushed it all down the toilet. I’d be excited to have him. Eric Bieniemy would be a great hire. I also wouldn’t mind Urban Meyer, honestly. But both the head coach and general manager hires are incredibly important. You have to capitalize on getting Trevor Lawrence. You have to.

Rusty from Apopka, FL

Q: Should the Jaguars use their next three picks in the first two rounds to rebuild the defense, or to strengthen the offense for Trevor Lawrence?

A: If the Jaguars drafted Trevor Lawrence and used our next three picks to trade up for Kyle Pitts... I wouldn’t mind that.

Chris from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Other than quarterback at No. 1 overall, what other positions do you focus on with four picks in the top-50?

A: Tight end, offensive line, and defensive back. Not necessarily in that order.

Ryan from Yulee, FL

Q: How do you feel about fans cheering for the Chicago Bears at the stadium? Many people didn’t like it but I personally found it hilarious.

A: Greg Gumbel was a huge baby about it on the broadcast, but I thought it was funny but also impressive — the fact that our average fan understands that the game yesterday was meaningless except for getting us closer to being able to draft Trevor Lawrence is encouraging. We have a rowdy fan base, but they’re not dumb. Hearing the cheers as the Bears scored touchdowns will be a defining memory of this season.

Jeff from Midland, FL

Q: Will it be worth all the rooting for this team to lose?

A: When Trevor Lawrence is holding the Lombardi trophy, you’ll find this question silly.

Raphael from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Q: Can I be happy?

A: Yes, Raphael. You can be happy.

Brian from Yulee, FL

Q: Who is the best backup for Trevor Lawrence? Is his backup currently on our roster?

A: I think his best backup would be Gardner Minshew in 2021. He isn’t great, but I think he’s a perfect candidate to become the next Ryan Fitzpatrick — bounce around the league for a decade or so, earn millions, and pull out some surprising performances. As long as he’s on his rookie contract, he’d be my backup quarterback.

Jonathan from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Q: Is it a worry that Trevor Lawrence will decide to stay put at Clemson?

A: I’ll let his fiancé, Marissa Mowry, give the final word today.