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Report: Broncos exploring hosting joint practices with Jaguars in August

According to a report from the Denver Post’s Ryan O’Halloran, the Jaguars could be going into Denver this summer for joint practices.

NFL: SEP 29 Jaguars at Broncos Photo by Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While the NFL has yet to release a preseason schedule, NFL teams are always in the business of gauging the interest of their competition regarding join-practices for the summer. According to a report from Denver Post’s Ryan O’Halloran, the Broncos are currently exploring hosting the Jaguars for joint practices this August.

The Jaguars have hosted or have been hosted for joint practices multiple times throughout this history. Recently, the Jaguars took the voyage to Baltimore during the 2019 preseason shortly before their week one preseason match up.

Joint practices teach teams a lot about the players on their respective teams due not only to the level of competition, but having practiced against the same players each and every day, it can get tougher to gauge talent. Practicing against another football club adds a benefit of seeing different match ups than are typically shown in typical practices.

Last season, the Jaguars defeated the Broncos 26-24 in Denver after a fourth-quarter comeback for the ages from rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II.

One issue which could arise if the two teams do get together for pratices in the preseason is regarding the potential for a new NFL/NFLPA collective bargaining agreement. According to the leaked facts sheet of the proposed 2020 CBA, teams will only be allowed to compete in four joint practices if the league goes to three preseason games — meaning 17 regular season games.

Typically, a team will stay for three joint practices leading up to their matchup in the preseason. If this rule is implemented, there may be only one team to choose from for both the Broncos and Jaguars.