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Big Cat Country Q&A: Doesn’t Shad Khan get that winning will solve everything?

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars! Today we’re talking about London, Shad Khan, and a consistently losing franchise.

Austin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is Shad Khan the worst owner in the NFL? If not, who is ahead of him?

A: Dan Snyder sucks. He absolutely sucks. I mean, at least Shad Khan isn’t suing season ticket holders... yet. I don’t think Khan necessarily sucks any more or less than most NFL owners though. Billionaires, in general, suck. Their minds work in ways we cannot imagine. They are Smaug come to life, sleeping naked (probably) on piles of money as they dream about ways to get more of it. The only thing that makes Khan different than most others is he’s not really all that clever about it. It’s painfully clear just how much of a cash grab it all is — but Khan actually thought the reaction wouldn’t be that bad yesterday. In answer to your question, he’s not the worst. Mark Davis and Dan Snyder suck. The Glazer family sucks too.

Shane from Pullman, WA

Q: Are you ready to win the Super Bowl next year with Gardner Minshew as the MVP?

A: You son of a bitch, I’m in.

Peter from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Does Shad get that winning with any consistency will fill the stadium? This team has been awful for so many years. I can’t even count the number of games I attended in the blazing heat with the outcome decided before the half — and without a Jaguars first down. Give this town a winner and it will be supported.

A: Here’s the best kept secret in professional football — ticket sales don’t mean anything. Owners are guaranteed to turn a profit every year with the revenue sharing model alone. The stadiums could be empty and guess what? Shad Khan makes millions! The real revenue grower is corporate partnerships. We can fill a stadium with a perennial loser, but what company in their right mind is going to pay top dollar for naming rights to a stadium that is never on national television and where the home team only wins two or three times a year? That’s why Shad Khan feels he needs to supplement his literal tens of millions of dollars in profits every season with a little more in London. Selling out the stadium won’t do it. I don’t even think a Super Bowl would do it. Jacksonville is a small market. It’s not going to generate the kind of revenue a Dallas or Atlanta or New York will. The only thing that’s going to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville is for Shad Khan to be less greedy.

Keith from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is it safe to assume we’ve lost the second game for good, even if/after Lot J is built out?

A: Oh yeah. During the 2017 season, the franchise was operating at nearly maximum profitability, but it still wasn’t enough for these clowns. Those bags of money aren’t going to collect themselves, after all! We still have six games, sure, but how long before that just becomes unsustainable from a season ticket perspective? What about corporate partnerships? Who would want to get behind a team with one foot out the door? And that makes me sad, because some of my most cherished memories with my step-dad are at Jaguars games. I can’t even begin to count the number of games I’ve gone to, tailgating with the river in view and the smell of Maxwell coffee in the air. I hope the Jaguars don’t leave before I can take my daughter and son to a game.

Tres from Gainesville, FL

Q: I turned five in the Jaguars’ inaugural season. They’re the only NFL team I’ve ever been a fan of. Not sure I can stick with this much longer. Any tips for choosing a new team?

A: My advice would be to take a year or two away from professional football. That’s what I’m going to do when it happens.

Al from Mt. Dora, FL

Q: If the Jaguars ever move from Jacksonville, what would happen to Big Cat Country? Would y’all still cover the team or disband?

A: There would still be a Big Cat Country. Like when the St. Louis Rams became the Los Angeles Rams and Turf Show Times stayed around. But I wouldn’t stick around. In fact, I’d probably root against the new Jaguars team. And then they’d win a Super Bowl and I’d drive off a bridge.

Kyle from Winnipeg, Canada

Q: This isn’t at all a question but I just wanna share my Canadian perspective. I never see Jaguars games on TV, mainly because we are irrelevant up here in Canada. Selfishly, I was excited for a second London game because that would be a second game I could see live. Then I realized something. A second London game is punishing the one aspect of this team that’s actually somewhat consistent and actually seems to give a damn — the fans. I hope y’all do something big to protest this and that this decision gets reversed or something, because Shad Khan is almost a bigger embarrassment in his role than Blake Bortles was.

A: Thanks, Kyle. You should join the Duval Coalition.