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2020 Jacksonville Jaguars free agency: Live blog for Day 1 of legal tampering

NFL: SEP 15 Jaguars at Texans Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2020 edition of NFL free agency officially begins for the Jacksonville Jaguars at 12pm EST today.

This is our Super Bowl, folks.

We’re going to try and gather every piece of news, every rumor, and every update in our live blogs through the rest of the week right here. We love you all.


4:03 PM: DANG IT! The Jaguars will be facing DeForest Buckner twice a year now.

3:10 PM: Oh, baby! Is that TEAMS? With an S? As in MULTIPLE?

2:50 PM: If Dave Caldwell somehow offloads Nick Foles this week, there won’t be enough self-control in the world to keep my pants from FLYING OFF.

2:35 PM: Hey, the Jaguars will pick earlier in the fifth round because of the trades today. Neat!

2:24 PM: Hayden Hurst is going to the Atlanta Falcons for... a second round pick? Sheesh.


1:07 PM: The Houston Texans are trading for Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson. Okay then.

12:37 PM: Austin Hooper will likely be signed by the Cleveland Browns, which means David Njoku is expendable. I wonder if Jacksonville tries to make a play.

11:59 AM: Jaguars not listed as a team in play for free agent tight end Austin Hooper. Hmmm.

10:35 AM: The Indianapolis Colts certainly have the cap room to sign a guy like Philip Rivers. I wonder if they’ll pull the trigger on the 38-year-old quarterback.

10:29 AM: I think the Jaguars will try like hell to re-sign Yannick Ngakoue to a long-term deal, so I don’t think Shaq Lawson is on their radar. Look out for any interior defensive linemen hitting the open market.

10:19 AM: The Titans are spending big this free agency... on their own players. First it was Ryan Tannehill and now it’s Derrick Henry getting the franchise tag. Whew.

9:54 AM: One year early on needing to sign an extension. He’s now signed to the Minnesota Vikings through 2022.

9:52 AM: Hmmm... I wonder if the Jaguars will want to sign him or just get their guy in the middle rounds of this year’s NFL Draft.

9:01 AM: Demetrius fills us in on how the newly ratified CBA affects Jacksonville. Check it out here if you haven’t already.

9:00 AM: From last night... the Jaguars will be facing Ryan Tannehill twice a season for the foreseeable future. That’s a lot of money.