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Who is your favorite random Jacksonville Jaguars player?

I know we’re all sick of free agent grades and mock drafts, so let’s talk about random Jacksonville Jaguars who are long past their playing days but will never be forgotten.

I’ll go first — Tavian Banks.

Tavian Banks (1998-2000)

Back during the 1998 NFL Draft, the Jaguars picked not one but two marquee running backs, although most people only remember one of them — Fred Taylor, who finished his Jaguars career with 13,632 total yards and 70 touchdowns.

The other running back? Tavian Banks, who oddly enough also with a draft pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills in the Rob Johnson trade.

Banks was picked in the fourth round with the idea that he would pair perfectly with Taylor while also getting snaps on special teams. Both Taylor and Banks possessed home run ability, pure speed, and elusiveness.

Banks was a fantastic college player, but his NFL career was cut short because of injuries. His rookie season he was involved in a car accident, and nearly rolled off of the Main Street Bridge with then teammate Cordell Taylor, when the two were rushing to a late meeting before the Jaguars 1998 playoff win against the New England Patriots.

Former Jaguars executive VP of football operations Tom Coughlin was the head coach at the time, so clearly they needed to be there five minutes early. This was also back when the Main Street Bridge had the dangerous grating that has since been removed.

In Banks’ second season with the Jaguars he suffered a hamstring injury that limited him in the preseason, but the big blow came late in the 1999 season. Against the Atlanta Falcons late in the fourth quarter with the Jaguars leading 30-7, Banks made his last play ever in the NFL catching a short pass from backup quarterback Jay Fiedler. Banks was hit late after he stepped out of bounds by Falcons defender Ray Buchannon.

”That was sick,” former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor said at the time. “That ain’t right. He was out of bounds. He wasn’t trying to run. He was trying to catch his balance. I’m not saying he was trying to hurt him, but it wasn’t right.”

The hit from Buchanon shredded Banks’ knee, tearing the ACL, PCL and LCL. It took nearly two full years of surgeries and recoveries before Banks could attempt a comeback with the New Orleans Saints, spending a season on their practice squad, but he never played again.

Who is your most random Jaguars player that you’ll never forget? Let us know in the comments below!