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2020 NFL early betting odds: Jacksonville Jaguars are underdogs in most games

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars won’t be winning a lot of games next season if Vegas has anything to do with it.

With apparently way too much time on their hands, the good folks at have compiled betting odds for all 16 regular season games next season and... it’s not looking good for Jacksonville:

2020 regular season odds

Jaguars at Texans -9

Jaguars at Colts -10.5

Jaguars at Ravens -16.5

Jaguars at Bengals -3.5

Jaguars at Packers -11.5

Jaguars at Chargers -7

Jaguars at Vikings -11.5

Jaguars at Titans -10

Texans at Jaguars +3

Colts at Jaguars +6

Titans at Jaguars +3.5

Lions at Jaguars +1.5

Dolphins at Jaguars +1

Browns at Jaguars -1

Steelers at Jaguars -3.5

Bears at Jaguars -3.5

That’s right. Jacksonville is favored in just three games next season — and all are at home with none of them by more than 3.5 points.

Go Jaguars.

Do you have the Jaguars as favorites in any games where the oddsmakers have them as underdogs? Let us know in the comments below!