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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Netflix’s “Tiger King” got nothin’ on Duval’s “JAGUAR KING”

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s all the Jacksonville Jaguars news that’s fit to print... around the Internet. We’ve got Gardner Minshew as the new JAGUAR KING, a certain disgruntled pass rusher, and Madden sims.

Netflix’s “Tiger King” got nothin’ on Duval’s “JAGUAR KING”

Big Cat Country and BreakingT are excited to bring you the officially licensed Gardner Minshew collection. We have had some good shirts in the past, but these “JAGUAR KING” shirts are our best work, I think.

Forget the Tiger King — fans in Jacksonville are all about Duval’s own JAGUAR KING! And from sizes ranging from small to 3XL in unisex fits, there’s no reason NOT to get this one.

You can find all of the shirts here.

Yannick Ngakoue cannot make it more clear

What are we even doing here?

Jaguars beat Colts in Bleacher Report full game sim

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense shut down the Indianapolis Colts in a 17-7 win in the first round of the B/R GOAT Madden Sim Tournament. Wide receiver Allen Robinson II and running back Fred Taylor scored Jacksonville’s touchdowns.

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning found his favorite target, wide receiver Marvin Harrison, with a 15-yard score with six seconds remaining.

The tournament features each franchise’s best historical players, grouped together on all-time teams and placed into a 32-team bracket to decide which NFL franchise features the top collection of talent.

The tournament will have games daily through April 10 before the April 13 championship.

All games are on B/R’s Twitch.

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