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2020 NFL Trade Rumors: Could the Seahawks be a landing spot for Jaguars DE Yannick Ngakoue?

Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline suggest Seattle might be a suitor for the young pass rusher’s services.

NFL: DEC 10 Seahawks at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Trade rumors have already began to circulate for Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. On Monday, the Jaguars’ young pass rusher announced he had informed Jacksonville that he is no longer interested in re-signing with the club.

His announcement, in conjunction with ESPN’s report of the team’s intentions on franchise tagging Ngakoue has led to speculation and rumors regarding potential trades.

The latest rumor comes from Pro Football Network’s NFL insider Tony Pauline. In his latest mailbag, Pauline stated he has heard rumors regarding the Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks, with the Seahawks being the team pursuing Ngakoue.

“I’ve been told by a very good source that the Seahawks would like to acquire Yannick Ngakoue via trade,” Pauline said. “My sources tell me they believe compensation would include something like a second-round selection and possibly a situation where the Seahawks swap their pick in round one for the Jags pick in the second round.”

In this scenario the Jaguars would acquire one of the Seahawks’ second-round picks, either 59th or 64th overall, and the Jaguars would trade their second-round pick, 42nd overall, for the Seahawks’ first-round pick, 27th overall. This would give the Jaguars 11 total picks in the draft, including three in the first round.

If the Jaguars were to trade Ngakoue, their compensation likely wouldn’t be much higher than that. Any team that trades for Ngakoue would very likely have to do so with the expectation from Ngakoue’s side of a significant contract extension. Because of this, any draft compensation the Jaguars would net, if they were to trade Ngakoue, would be depressed.

While both Ngakoue and the Jaguars are clearly at a sort of impasse in regards to a potential deal, it should be noted that the Jaguars do still very much value their star pass rusher. Unless the team feels there is absolutely no other option other than to trade Ngakoue, it wouldn’t appear they would trade him away by choice at this time.

Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell has stated multiple times over the past week that the team values Ngakoue extremely highly, and they will do whatever it takes to keep the pass rusher in Jacksonville for at least next season. Caldwell also stated that the team would have an option, depending on the new collective bargaining agreement, to even franchise tag the pass rusher next season as well if the sides could not come to a deal.

In any event, the Jaguars will have to weigh their options as they approach the franchise tag deadline, March 12th, four days before the first day of the new league year.