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The Jaguars 2020 NFL drafts hats have officially dropped!

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While there is absolutely nothing going on in the sports world right now due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the NFL and NFL Draft are chugging right along. So far there are no signs of the 2020 NFL Draft not happening or being pushed back, so the NFL is keeping their schedule which includes the drop of their 2020 NFL Draft hats.

And I have to say, I actually like this year’s hat? After a good string of just flat out bad hats, no offense if you bought them, this one is actually pretty cool. Obviously with the 2020 NFL Draft being held in Las Vegas (for now), it’s modeled after some neon signs and has a cool neon sign look DUUUVAL on the side. I’ve been told the logo on the front is more like a rubber padding and not stitched material, so just a heads up.

What do you think?

As always, you can grab the hat through the Big Cat Country Jaguars FanShop, along with all of our shirts, jerseys or any other Jaguars apparel you want.