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2020 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft: Day 2 live blog

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

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We’re one day down and two more to go on the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Jacksonville Jaguars went full defense on Day 1 — selecting C.J. Henderson and K’Lavon Chaisson with their two first round picks. Those two, along with Josh Allen, can put a stop to opponents in terms of the pass.

Now it’s time to load up the trenches.

We’ll be updating this live blog all day (and running live blogs every day of the draft) and packing in every rumor, piece of news, and mention of the Jaguars.

Live blog

10:21 PM: The Jaguars... called them? Says a lot about how they feel about Leonard Fournette.

10:06 PM: LET’S GO! We’re stopping the run this year, y’all.

9:38 PM: I would be surprised if it weren’t an offensive lineman in the third round.



8:03 PM: Oh, so Laviska Shenault is good good, huh?

8:01 PM: Draw Play Dave is just playing the hits, y’all.

7:49 PM: Jacksonville goes offense with their first pick of Day 2 — Laviska Shenault is a talented guy who fell due to injury.

7:38 PM: Did... did a dog just make a draft pick for the New England Patriots?

7:16 PM: Ugh. Really wanted him to last to the Jaguars pick. Oh well.

5:01 PM: Day 2 is the Dave Caldwell Day. The second and third rounds are where he’s (arguably) gotten his best players and (definitely) his best value.

3:22 PM: Yup. Both C.J. Henderson and K’Lavon Chaisson are high character guys. The front office made a point to mention that several times last night. Not an accident.

2:54 PM: That is a ton of money for an offensive lineman.


12:27 PM: Kent Lee Platte is very, very good at this and it’s encouraging to see C.J. Henderson rated so highly.

11:18 AM: Great insight here from Ian Rapoport. Jacksonville obviously targeted C.J. Henderson from the get go. Doesn’t seem to be a player they settled on.

9:38 AM: The virtual access the Jaguars marketing department is getting us is really cool. Check out this Zoom call between Dave Caldwell, Doug Marrone, Tony Khan, and C.J. Henderson.

9:03 AM: Need a deep dive on new Jaguars cornerback C.J. Henderson. BCC alumni Zach Goodall has the remedy.