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2020 NFL mock draft: CBS Sports thinks we trade Yannick Ngakoue to draft Justin Herbert

NFL: DEC 29 Colts at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars do not need a first round quarterback. They don’t want a first round quarterback. They will not draft a first round quarterback.

And yet... y’all persist in this devil magic.

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports is the latest draft analysis playing with fire as he predicts the Jaguars striking a deal with the New York Giants to where Yannick Ngakoue goes to New York and the team swaps first round picks. Jacksonville now has the No. 4 overall pick and New York has the No. 9 overall pick.

Okay, who do we come away wi-OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE.

CBS Sports thinks the Jaguars trade away their best player to move up five spots and take Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert.

Todd McShay of ESPN also thinks we get Herbert at the top of the first round and my only question is... why? Jacksonville has a quarterback on their roster who won them six games last season — that’s only happened once since 2010. Why give up on him so quickly when you can build around him and beef up your defense?

Let us know what you would think of this trade in the comments below!