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There are now Jacksonville Jaguars face coverings available with NFL proceeds going to charity

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Everything is a bit wacky right now with everything surrounding COVID-19, not just in Jacksonville, but all over the United States and world. We hope that you are safe wherever you are.

Things in Florida, and Jacksonville proper, are starting to open up amid the COVID-19 pandemic the most important thing is that everyone stays safe. One of the easiest and most common ways to keep yourself an others safe in the uncertain times are face coverings. Some places opening up even require them for entrance and it is possible later in the year if the NFL season takes place, with fans, there could be a face covering requirement along with limited attendance and social distancing. Because face coverings are so common now in the US, we’re now getting to the part where people are making branded/designed ones outside of the typical throw away light blue medical variety or painter’s mask.

If you have been looking for a Jacksonville Jaguars face covering, a reusable Jaguars design is now available, a three-pack at that, right below. What’s more is that all proceeds from these masks go to charity.

NOTE: The NFL and FOCO will support the CDC Foundation by donating all NFL proceeds from the sale of these licensed face coverings. The face coverings will ship no later than July 9.