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Big Cat Country Q&A: What does success look like in 2020?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Oakland Raiders Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions as we head into the dead zone!

Mark from Trenton, NJ

Q: Do you think that the national media ranking the Jaguars as one of the worst teams will be a good motivating factor or will it be business as usual?

A: Business as usual. This is professional football we’re talking about. Every once in a while we get a player or a team overcoming insurmountable odds to succeed, but the vast majority of the time the bigger, faster, stronger player wins. The Jaguars don’t lack inspiration. No NFL team does. But the good players typically succeed.

Township of Egg Harbor, NJ

Q: The Rams pick next year will be higher than the Jaguars pick.

A: I agree. Also, that is a great town name.

Wes from St. Augustine, FL

Q: Who will emerge as the better receiver — Laviska Shenault or Collin Johnson?

A: I think it’ll be Laviska Shenault. He’ll be given a lot more opportunities to succeed because of his draft slot and personally I like him a lot more as a prospect. He’s also a lot more versatile. At Colorado, he lined up at quarterback, running back, H-back, tight end, slot receiver, and outside receiver. This is not to take anything away from Collin Johnson, who could be a great depth guy who can produce in the red zone, but Shenault is a very good player. The Jaguars did their homework on this guy.

Sai from Irmo, SC

Q: I hate that everyone thinks we’re gonna tank. Do you think this team can make a playoff push this season?

A: No, but I don’t think we’re going to tank. We will be just under .500 next season and I think Gardner Minshew is more likely to develop than not. It’ll be a fun year, but it will be very obvious we are at least one more season away by the end.

Kendalyn from Kilgore, TX

Q: With Calais Campbell gone who do you see becoming the locker room leader?

A: I honestly have no idea. Myles Jack?

Steven from Orlando, FL

Q: Back in the day, I used to rag on Chad Pennington and his weak arm. Well everyone keeps talking about our quarterback and him having a below average arm. How good was Pennington for the Jets? If Minshew only ever equals his production, would you call that a win?

A: For Minshew, sure. Pennington made over $50 million in the NFL. If that’s how Minshew performed in the NFL, I wouldn’t call that a success.

Brian from Yulee, FL

Q: Is Marcell Dareus still a free agent? Would it make sense to resign him? Seems like a safer option than what we have now.

A: Dareus is a free agent, but I think we have what we need at defensive line. I think he’s holding out for more than we’re probably willing to give him, so I don’t think it’s something either side wants. He’ll sign with a team when injuries start to happen in training camp.

Chad from Allentown, PA

Q: I know what he has said, but am I insane to hold onto hope we resign Yannick Ngakoue?

A: No. It would be great to have another Pro Bowl caliber pass rusher.

Brian from Tampa, FL

Q: Have you seen Gardner Minshew’s recent work our video? He’s looking extra thiccc.

A: Next question.

Austin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Can we say at this point that Gardner Minshew is the best quarterback we’ve had since David Garrard?

A: I think so. The question of Minshew being overrated has come up on Twitter this week. I think the reason this has been such a debate is because we fundamentally do not understand what overrated means. Overrated doesn’t mean bad. Gardner Minshew isn’t bad, especially when you compare his play to other rookie quarterbacks who saw significant playing time last season. Six wins is a franchise record for a rookie quarterback. His touchdown percentage, interception percentage, and adjusted yards per attempt were all well within the top half of the league. He engineered three game-winning drives last season. He’s not great yet, but he’s the best we’ve had for a decade.

Jon from Honolulu, HI

Q: It feels like fans (myself included) have spent so many of the past seasons saying that just a 8-8 record or just playing meaningful games in December or just a trip to the playoffs and we’d consider the season a success. How will you define “good” for next season?

A: It begins and ends with Gardner Minshew. If he takes a noticeable step forward, regardless of win-loss record, I will consider it a success. I’ll also be watching this defense. They are going through a large scale rebuild at every position. See how quickly they gel together will be another measure of success.