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Big Cat Country Q&A: Who is an ideal Leonard Fournette replacement?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions as we head into the dead zone!

Dexter from Forfar, Scotland

Q: Who would be your ideal replacement for Leonard Fournette next year? Would you use a draft pick or would you eye up free agency?

A: I wouldn’t look to free agency for the same reason I wouldn’t invest anything higher than a Day 2 draft pick on a running back — the slim increase (if any) in production doesn’t warrant that kind of investment. I have to believe Clemson’s Travis Etienne will be gone by the end of the first round, but Oklahoma State’s Chuba Hubbard led the nation in rushing last year and Mississippi State’s Kylin Hill is a powerful bruiser with some speed. Either one of them could be available after the first round.

Ellen from Redmond, WA

Q: What kind of impact do you think Luq Barcoo can make in the secondary this year?

A: I thought Demetrius Harvey had an excellent write up on Luq Barcoo here, but he has incredible athleticism and ball skills. He’s a raw talent and would have likely gone on Day 3 if his pro day hadn’t been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If he’s coached well, he can be very good depth for this team.

Branson from Charlotte, NC

Q: What happens if the Jaguars do horrible next year in terms of record but Gardner Minshew does great? Do we keep him or try and get Trevor Lawrence?

A: I think it’s unlikely the Jaguars do terrible with Gardner Minshew doing well enough to at least warrant the debate, but for the sake of discussion... I would look at how he did great. Did he improve his decision-making over the middle? Did he reduce his movement in the pocket when under pressure? Did he give up fewer sacks? Did he fumble the ball less when sacked? Did he play better on third down? Did he look more poised in the red zone? These are all the things I’d watch. If the answer to most of them is yes, then I’d build around him. If not, and he simply racked up garbage time points, then I’d go after Trevor Lawrence.

Shawn from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Who will be the head coach next year?

A: Doug Marrone is the coach through 2022, in my opinion.

Jake from Mobile, AL

Q: Should the Jaguars trade both 2021 first round picks for Russell Wilson if Gardner Minshew flops in 2020?

A: No, Jake, they should not. You only make that kind of move if you have a legitimate chance at winning a title. Knowing what we know now about the 2017 team, that would have been a team to go all in on a quarterback.

Branson from Waxhaw, NC

Q: If Leonard Fournette has a strong season in 2020, does he get a long term deal or do we start looking at Najee Harris in the draft?

A: I think Fournette will have played his last down in Jacksonville by the end of this year. I love the guy, but he wants a bigger contract than I think this front office will be willing to give him.