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The break from sports has been nice, to be honest

NFL: DEC 29 Colts at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sports are slowly coming back to the world, well if you’re lucky like New Zealand everything is pretty much back to normal, but sports coming back is adding a little bit of normalcy to what has been an ultra-weird and frustrating couple of months. Sports coming back into the forefront, with NFL stuff starting, European soccer coming back, and the NBA on the precipice of coming back was a chance for me to realize it had been gone and actually take a deep breath.

The feeling of normalcy brings some anxiety, however. Are we sure the normalcy should be coming back so soon? There are still massive protests daily in major cities for systemic injustice and police reform. The COVID-19 situation is still not under control, and Florida continues to open things up despite virtually having a record setting day of new cases what feels like every other day.

Is sports being back really the best thing right now as a distraction?

I can’t answer that, as I can’t really speak for everyone else’s mental health. For some, the appearance of normalcy might just be the breath they need. With quarantine, work from home and most things not really being open it can take a toll. People get stir-crazy, I know my family has. Luckily, I’m used to working from home and not going out all that much, so it hasn’t changed much for me personally, but I still do find myself needing to shut away from all the news sometimes and just take a breath and thankfully I’m privileged enough to do that.

For me the break from worrying about the Jaguars or this site has been a nice reset. Thankfully I trust Ryan, Demetrius, Ryan, JP and others to handle the load and I feel like they have. I’m sure some of you have been relieved I haven’t been giving my opinion, so you’re welcome for that break, too.

Personally, I think the push to normalcy is too quick, but that’s a whole different discussion entirely. However, while things are pushing back to normalcy we’ll make sure to keep everyone abreast of the Jacksonville Jaguars news going forward.

Right now, I don’t think Jaguars news is really all that important in the grand scope of what’s going on in the world right now, but I understand some people need that, so if we can provide that little bit of mental release and distraction, we’re going to do that while not ignoring what’s going on in the world.

I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves, both mentally and physically.