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50 days until kickoff: Jacksonville Jaguars win 17-3 over Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

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We’re counting down to the 2020 NFL preseason opener between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers by ranking all 51 regular season wins over the past decade.

Today at No. 50? When we beat the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 17-3 waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2011.

Week 10 — November 13, 2011

This game was almost 11 months to the day after one of the best Jaguars vs. Colts games in the history of the series. Jacksonville was 8-5, Indianapolis was 7-6, the game was (for all intents and purposes) going to clinch the AFC South. Peyton Manning and David Garrard combined for more than 500 passing yards and four touchdowns. There were multiple touchdowns every quarter. It was a thing of beauty.

Not this game though.

Blaine Gabbert led the game with 118 passing yards. Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky put on a clinic of what not to do as an NFL quarterback. Jarrett Dillard and Maurice Jones-Drew scored the game’s only touchdowns.

It downright stunk, folks.

Why the ranking at No. 50?

We beat a team that split quarterbacking duties between Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky and it was the first time we ever held Indianapolis to a single-digit point total.

Up tomorrow?

Jacksonville beating Deshaun Watson in his debut back in 2017.