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Big Cat Country Q&A: Should the Jaguars bring in Colin Kaepernick for a workout?

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions as we head into the DEAD ZONE, folks!

Today we’re talking Colin Kaepernick, contract extensions, the likelihood of an NFL season, King of the Hill, and more.

JP from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Per Dr. Fauci, football might not happen this year. If it didn’t happen, then how would draft order be determined in next year’s NFL Draft?

A: I have no clue, but my guess is if zero games are played in the fall and a shortened season can’t happen in the spring after a vaccine has been developed... they would just use the most recent draft order? Again, not even close to knowing how this would play out. I will say that I think we’re going to get some football before next April. I don’t know whether that looks like practice squad players taking over for quarantined starters or a delayed and shortened season in the spring, but I think there will be football within the next 12 months.

Ray from New Iberia, LA

Q: Who would you rather give a contract extension — Jalen Ramsey or Yannick Ngakoue?

A: I have some very bad news, Ray.

Lonnie from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Should the Jaguars bring in Colin Kaepernick for a workout? And do you think he’s an upgrade base on the roster now of backups?

A: Yes and yes. There’s no harm in looking. We’ve been calling for the team to sign Kaepernick since the 2017 offseason and owner Shad Khan said he’d be “absolutely” okay with it. He has plenty of starting experience in the league, including the playoffs and a Super Bowl. He thrives in the offensive style the Jaguars want to use... making smart, accurate throws to supplement a ground attack (which is also something he could contribute to). I don’t think the Jaguars will even bring him in for a workout though. They should at the very least, but they won’t because of “team chemistry” or some other coach speak they’ll use if they’re ever asked.


No tweet has made me angrier over the past week than this one. It’s unreasonable the amount of malice it has caused in my heart but that frustration is REAL, folks.

Peggy would absolutely wear a mask.

Bobby would too. His would be pink.

Dale is wearing a full body HAZMAT suit. He would find John Redcorn’s mask in Nancy’s laundry.

Hank coming around to wearing a mask would be the emotionally driven two minute segment of the episode. He’d then laugh about how he’s fully on board with social distancing and the screen would fade to black.

Do not tweet about King of the Hill if you’ve never watched it.

Keegan from Lancaster, PA

Q: I haven’t heard much about running back Devine Ozigbo this offseason. I was really excited we were able to get him off waivers last season and he seems to be a guy that can fill the role that Corey Grant had here in Jacksonville a few seasons ago. Do you think he’ll make the roster and can he be a weapon on special teams and out of the backfield like Grant was?

A: I think he can absolutely be productive in a very specific role like you mentioned. He’s certainly talented and was a standout in the preseason last year. I mean, watch his highlights...

I have every intention of him making the 53-man roster and contributing on third downs and on special teams.

Raphael from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Q: With a second wave of COVID-19 hitting us now, do you see football happening this year? What’s your guess? And how would a cancelled season be hurtful for the Jaguars in terms of tricky contract negotiations?

A: You know what? I hadn’t even thought of how a shortened, delayed, or cancelled season would affect a player’s number of tenured years. I would imagine that, like baseball, the number of games played dictates how much they’re paid... and if at least one game is played then the season counts towards their years in the league but their checks would be a lot less. Man, who knows?

Joseph from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How do you think Jay Gruden is going to be able to get himself back into on-field/game shape once coaches and players are allowed to come back?

A: What?

Jake from Mobile, AL

Q: Should the Jaguars trade Yannick Ngakoue and all 2021 NFL draft picks for LeBron James and Anthony Davis? It would immediately drive up sales and attendance.

A: Alright, I’m done. Have a great Saturday, everyone.