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NFL press box food rankings: Jaguars near dead last

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The Jacksonville Jaguars can’t seem to do anything right on the field over the past decade. They’ve had one winning season, one playoff appearance, and a bunch of failed picks at the quarterback position.

And now it seems they can’t do anything right off the field either.

The Athletic’s Greg Aumun got a team of writers together and ranked the press box food for all 32 teams. Teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys ranked near the top with Cubans, Bananas Foster, and beautiful, beautiful brisket.

Jacksonville? It’s near dead last.

25(T). Jacksonville Jaguars

Been to TIAA Bank Field a bunch of times.

I can’t remember a single meal there I’ve enjoyed.

But — and I can’t stress how important this is — they do provide pizza after the game.

The chicken tenders at halftime are a nice touch.

Grade: D

So, who are we tied with?

The Indianapolis Colts and their “soggy eggs and sausage links”.

The Las Vegas Raiders and their “eggs served with a side of lasagna”.

And the New York Jets and their “sausage and bacon that are never crispy”.

Go Jaguars.