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Jaguars WR Chris Conley debuts timely short-film, “Quarantime”

While Chris Conley is a football player primarily, he has continued his interest in filmmaking, this time with a short-film, “Quarantime”

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Jaguars wide receiver Chris Conley is a man of many hats, including film making, a passion he has outside of the game of football.

Last week, Conley debuted a new short film, “Quarantime”, which stars he and his wife, Catherine Conley, who play themselves in the film.

The short film showcases a relatable view of the ongoing quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a look inside the life of a couple reliving the same day over and over again, akin to ‘Groundhogs Day’ the move.

The description of the short film is as follows: “A newlywed couple spends part of their first year in quarantine. What could possibly go wrong?”

‘Qurantime’ takes the audience through cycles of initial happiness, and ultimately embarking on a journey which illustrates the mundane and potentially heartbreaking nature of of self isolation, even while with a loved one.

Conley’s short film comes with a 5:32 runtime is is written and directed by Chris Conley himself.

While he is known more as a football player and wide receiver than he is a filmmaker, Conley has taken on this venture for quite some time, even while in college at the University of Georgia. While at Georgia, Conley wrote and directed a Star Wars fan film titled, “Retribution”, which spans 26 minutes of runtime.

When his film made in 2014 debuted, Conley didn’t know whether or not the journey would take him anywhere, it was simply something he had always wanted to do, and with his passion for Star Wars itself, it just made sense.

“At first we just set out to make an awesome video,” Conley said in 2014. “I don’t think that people got that, that it was satire, something that people were supposed to enjoy. The fact we’ve been introduced to so many people out there, the fact I’ve enjoyed this so much, means I’m going to keep doing it.”

So he has, now in the NFL Conley has not had as much time, even during the offseason it appears, to set out to write and direct much of anything, but with life in a sort of standstill, in quarantine, he’s been able to figure it out.