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No. 28: Jacksonville Jaguars win 36-26 over Buffalo Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

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We’re counting down to the 2020 NFL preseason opener what would have been the Jacksonville Jaguars preseason opener by ranking all 51 regular season wins over the past decade.

Today at No. 28? A very high-scoring affair against... the Buffalo Bills.

Week 5 — October 10, 2010

I had a whole write up planned for this, but did you know the Jaguars scored more than this only seven times last decade. And that it was the third highest scoring game combined of the past decade.

That’s where we are. One of the most electric games of the past decade is a forgotten game in Buffalo where Josh Scobee kicked five field goals.

Why the ranking at No. 28?

Winning games against winless teams is pretty meh, but we rushed all over them which is pretty Jaguars. Josh Scobee’s five field goals (lol) is very Jaguars. And high-paid free agent Aaron Kampman having his signature breakout game early in a meaningless season is incredibly Jaguars.

Up tomorrow?

An incredibly boring victory over the Houston Texans back in 2013. Let’s go!