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Jaguars sign sixth-round selection quarterback Jake Luton

Fishing in the sixth round yet again at quarterback, the Jaguars hope Jake Luton can develop into solid depth at position.

Oregon State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

The Jaguars have officially signed sixth-round selection, quarterback Jake Luton to his rookie contract.

Luton, along with safety Daniel Thomas, outside linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson and return specialist/cornerback Chris Claybrooks wrap up the Jaguars’ - staggering - 12-man draft class, the largest draft class by general manager Dave Caldwell since joining the club in 2013.

After - presumably - striking gold last season in the sixth round at quarterback with Gardner Minshew II, the Jaguars will hope to reignite the flame this year after selecting Luton in a similar spot. While he is not expected to become the team’s starting quarterback, neither was Minshew just a year ago today.

Following the draft, Caldwell gave a list of traits Luton brings to the table.

“We liked his size, we liked his release, his arm strength. Bigger body. And we really liked the way he threw the ball at the NFLPA game, at the all-star game he was at,” said Caldwell.

“We felt like he has got some upside. He is 6’6”, 200-and 40 some odd pounds, and moves well in the pocket. We just felt like with those traits and what he could offer that he could come in and compete for a spot on this roster.”

The Jaguars, and all 32 clubs are set to open training camp on July 28th, with rookies reporting earlier on the 21st, according to the league’s schedule. Jacksonville is slated to have 30 total rookies, including 12 draft selections and 18 undrafted free agents.