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Jaguars among 20 NFL teams with IDER-approved plan

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of 20 NFL teams with an Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) approved plan in place.

Why is it important to have IDER plan in place? Without approval of key plans to return in a safe environment, as presented by the NFLPA’s board, team will not be able to have more than 20 players enter the facility at a time.

For the Jaguars, the Jacksonville metropolitan area has been noted as having the third-most average daily cases per 100,000 population according to this infographic on the NFLPA website with 46.53. The highest currently is the Miami Dolphins at 74.39 and the lowest is the New York Jets and New York Giants at 3.28.

In the agreement, players, coaches and designated staff who interact with them will undergo daily COVID-19 testing through the first two sees of training camp. Following the first two weeks, testing will depend on the positive test rate. If the rate of positive test rate falls below 5 percent, testing will be reduced to every other day. Daily testing will resume otherwise, according to ESPN.