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Does Doug Marrone maximize the production of this Jacksonville Jaguars roster?

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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

This week, we’re sitting down with Andrew Potter from Football Outsiders to talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars and how they think they’ll do this season. How can they improve their win-loss record? Will their run defense get gashed up and down the field? What is Jay Gruden’s impact on Gardner Minshew and the offense in general?

Last question...

Do you think Doug Marrone is a net positive, net negative, or neutral head coach when it comes to maximizing the production of his roster?

It’s difficult to judge Doug Marrone’s work in Jacksonville without seeing him away from the shadow of Tom Coughlin. I suspect we’ll get a clearer idea of what effect Marrone has on this roster this year. In Buffalo, he was a solid head coach during his year in charge. In Jacksonville, he appears to be much the same.

He has done a reasonable job managing some difficult personalities but has been let down by the front office in many of those cases. My estimation is that he’s net neutral — he’s shown awareness of his team’s strengths and willingness to focus on those, but he hasn’t been able to fix the weaknesses or elevate the team outside of that one spectacular 2017 season. He won’t tank a team’s performance relative to its talent, but he doesn’t appear likely to elevate it either.

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