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Big Cat Country Q&A: Submit your Jacksonville Jaguars questions

Got any questions about playing for Gus Bradley? What it’s like to be a journeyman defensive lineman? The selfie celebration? Ryan Davis is taking over the Q&A column this week!

We’ve got a(nother) special Q&A column this week, folks!

Training camp is in full swing and players are back, but there’s very little on-the-field action happening right now. We thought it would be a good idea to reminisce about years gone by — namely, the Gus Bradley Era.

How did it feel playing for Gus? What’s it like being a journeyman defensive lineman in the NFL? How do you think players are feeling coming to camp in the middle of a pandemic? How did you come up with the selfie celebration?

We aren’t experts on these things, but we know someone who is — former Jaguars defensive lineman Ryan Davis!

So if you have any questions about football, training camp, the Gus Bradley years, or more, send ‘em our way!

Submit your question by filling out the embedded form below. Or just click here.