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No. 5: Jacksonville Jaguars win 12-7 over Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

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We’re counting down to the 2020 NFL preseason opener what would have been the Jacksonville Jaguars preseason opener by ranking all 51 regular season wins over the past decade.

Today at No. 5? Kicking four field goals and calling it a night.

Week 7 — October 24, 2011

Jacksonville showed up on Monday Night Football with everyone expecting a bloodbath against Baltimore. A bloodbath is what everyone in the country got, but of the Ravens variety.

The Jaguars defense completely shutdown and stifled the Ravens offense, allowing only 146 yards on offense. Total. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was harassed all game long, being sacked three times and hit a total of six times. For much of the night, Flacco either couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn or the Ravens receivers couldn’t find a way to get open against the Jaguars secondary.

At half time, the Ravens didn’t have a single first down and had just 14 net yards on offense.

Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert picked up his first victory, but struggled to do much in the passing game against the leagues third ranked pass defense. It was a combination of poor protection at times, dropped balls (including back to back touchdown passes), and the rookie just flat out missing guys. Thankfully for the Jaguars, running back Maurice Jones-Drew was able to grind out 105 yards on 30 carries.

Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee led the way with four field goals, including three from 50+ yards. New punter Nick Harris helped out as well in a game that was all about field position. Harris pinned the Ravens deep multiple times in the game.

Much the target of fan criticism, Rashean Mathis played his best game of the season completely blanketing both Anquan Boldin and rookie Torrey Smith. Early in the game Mathis smothered Boldin and broke up some big plays. Linebackers Daryl Smith and Paul Posluszny flew all over the field and Clint Session made an impact in his limited snaps. Defensive end Jeremy Mincey got to Joe Flacco and harassed him all night, sacking him once.

The defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage, limiting the Ravens rushing attack to just 34 rushing yards. Running back Ray Rice had just 8 carries for 28 yards as the Ravens offense was just completely smothered.

Why the ranking at No. 5?

Winning by only kicking field goals on national television is EXTREMELY Jaguars.

Up tomorrow?

Scoring six points and winning. Oh, baby!