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Jaguars vs. Titans: What’s your score prediction for Week 2?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) and Tennessee Titans (1-0) are battling it out in the Week 2 season opener.

Before the game begins, we wanted to ask the Big Cat Country team (and you!) a simple question... and we’re going to have John Shipley of Sports Illustrated join us this season too!

“How will the Jaguars do today?”

Alfie Crow (@AlfieBCC)

With the Titans’ best passing threat ruled out of the game, the team will be more one dimensional than usual and I’d like to believe after being embarrassed the last time out by Derrick Henry, the Jaguars defense will come with a plan to slow him down.

Jaguars win 17-13

Record: 1-0

Ryan Day (@ryaneatscake)

I want to believe. I really do. But like the Colts can’t win in Jacksonville, we just can’t seem to get over the hump in Nashville. I don’t think it’s a win, but it’s a game that’s closer than we might have thought it would be even just a few weeks ago. Derrick Henry and that offensive line are too good and Ryan Tannehill can get us with play action plays and scrambles.

Titans win 27-23

Record: 0-1

Ryan O’Bleness (@ryanobleness)

I have a strange feeling the Jaguars are going to put a big scare into the Titans in Nashville, but fall just short. This team is still incredibly young and inexperienced, and the Titans have a better roster overall, but I was encouraged from what I saw from the Jaguars last week. Meanwhile, the Titans looked shaky against a mediocre Denver Broncos team, however, the Titans always seem to be a tough game for Jacksonville. The Jaguars always struggle at Nissan Stadium, but this is a completely different team in 2020, so maybe we’ll be surprised. I don’t think Derrick Henry is going to make the Jaguars look foolish this time around, and the energy and swag that Jacksonville had against the Indianapolis Colts carries over to this week. With that said, I think we see a close game from start to finish, with Tennessee winning it with a field goal late in the game (if kicker Stephen Gostkowski has another bad game he will likely be out of a job, so I expect him to rebound). Despite the close loss, the Jaguars show everybody they’re ready to compete this season.

Titans win 23-21

Record: 0-1

JP Acosta (@acosta32_jp)

I think this game will be a lot closer than people realize. Despite the Titans having last year’s rushing champ, as well as adding Jadeveon Clowney, I think if AJ Brown misses the game that’ll be huge for the Titans passing game. The Jaguars have to keep the offense humming in order to win, and you know what? I’ll take them up on that bet.

Jaguars win 24-21

Record: 0-1

Demetrius Harvey (@Demetrius82)

I don’t necessarily think this team is a world beater after defeating the Colts last week. But, I do know they’re a different team than they were a year ago and probably shouldn’t be judged based on results from nightmares past. The Jaguars haven’t defeated the Titans in Nashville since Gardner Minshew was 17 years old, but this could be the week that breaks the streak. If the Jaguars find a way to keep it close and stop Derrick Henry, they’ll be up late and earn the victory, a victory that will define their season.

Jaguars win 21-14

Record: 0-1

John Shipley (@_John_Shipley)

I think Derrick Henry runs for a ton of yards and Ryan Tannehill connects on big play action passes. Jaguars offense keeps up for the most part.

Titans win 30-24

Record: 0-1

What do you think? Got any predictions? What do you think the final score will be? Let us know in the comments below!