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Jadeveon Clowney was clearly offsides on Gardner Minshew interception at the end of the game

On the final drive of the game, the Jacksonville Jaguars were down 33-30 to the Tennessee Titans. They had 1:36 to get (roughly) 50 yards to set up a game-tying field goal and force overtime. And after a first down scramble and a nine-yard pass to Chris Conley, the team looked like they could do it.

In a no huddle look, Jacksonville lined up for second down at the 45 yard line. It was to be a quick crosser over the middle to Keelan Cole.

The ball never got there. Batted down at the line and intercepted. Game over.

But should it have been?

During the broadcast, we noticed that Jadeveon Clowney looked like he lined up in the neutral zone. CBS replays seemed to confirm it. And now Paul Kuharsky who covers the Titans and got some early access to the All-22 shows definitively that Clowney was offsides and it should have been a free play with the worst outcome being a free first down at midfield.

That’s not to excuse Minshew on this throw. It was pretty bad. He doesn’t plant his feet, he hesitates on the throw — it’s just not a good decision by him. But these are the sorts of goofs that the Jaguars needed to try and take the game.