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Could the Jaguars’ young roster benefit from a short week?

Having a short-term memory is a must in the NFL.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

For a large segment of the Jaguars’ roster, the first loss they’ve experienced in the NFL came on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. As of today, the Jaguars roster 16 rookies, the most in the NFL.

After smelling the sweet scent of victory in their first outing, the dynamics completely shifted after a 30-33 loss to the Titans on Sunday. Perhaps, luckily for them, they won’t have long to think about it. The Jaguars will face off against the Miami Dolphins at home on Thursday in primetime - a short week for players who need to have a short memory.

In speaking with the local Jacksonville media on Monday, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores says while having a short memory is good, there is still plenty to learn from the previous outing - correcting mistakes is vital for week-to-week success and progression, especially for a short week.

However, it can be important to not dwell, something young players have done far too often.

“We want to have a short memory, we want to move on from things, we got to move on to the next play, we got to have a next play mentality,” said Flores. “But, you know, along with that, we got to make improvements on the fly as well. So I think that’s something that we harp on.”

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone agrees with Flores, perhaps his team, fielded by a majority of young players, can benefit from a short week, not having to harp on the loss and the mistakes they made just a few days prior.

When asked if it could be a benefit, Marrone says he hadn’t considered it before, but his gut feeling would be to say it would be a positive with a young team to have a short week coming off of a loss.

“You don’t really have time to go back and get upset at yourself or pissed off or the same emotions we go through as coaches in wanting to have plays back or called back,” Marrone said on Monday.

“I think you just have to move on so yeah, I think it should (be a benefit). We’ve got to make sure we cover it though. We want to make sure it’s not like, ‘Hey listen, we played and we’re moving on’ like we’re in sixth or seventh grade where you’re not watching film and making those corrections.”

The Jaguars committed plenty of mental errors in Sunday’s game against the Titans. A botched kickoff, two interceptions, unacceptable (albeit questionable) penalties late in the action. Having a short week to get over the mistakes will allow the team to move on quickly, getting right back into the action against the Dolphins on Thursday.

“But for them, I think it’s an important point. It’s one I try to make after the game and it’s one I’ll make later tonight with them with, ‘Hey listen, we’ve got to push forward now. We’ve got to focus all our attention on Miami coming in here on Thursday night.’”