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The Jaguars 2020 New Era sideline hats have dropped!

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Picking up new merchandise for the Jacksonville Jaguars has been a bit weird with everything going on, because you can’t make those impulse purchases at the stadium unless you’re part of the few going to the games.

Thankfully the internet exists for those impulse purchases to picking up the latest gear for the Jacksonville Jaguars, including the newest 2020 New Era Sideline caps. The caps this year move away from the normal typical all black with the Jaguars logo and something on the side or back, to a more soft textured gray look with a Jaguars badge.

These are the hats you will see a lot of not only the players wearing on the sideline, but also most of the coaching staff, as it’s the official sideline hats. You can get them in the traditional 39THIRTY version, for the people who don’t think they’re cool enough to wear the stylish flat bill 59FIFTY or 9FIFTY versions.