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Happy 9/04! What’s your favorite Jacksonville Jaguars memory?

Mark Brunell

The 2020 NFL season is less than a week away and with a full-blown tank job mixed in with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’re gearing up for what will likely be the weirdest Jacksonville Jaguars season yet.

And with 9/04 being DUVAL DAY, we had a simple question...

What’s your favorite Jaguars memory?

I’ll get us started. I am an old so some of my favorite Jaguars memories come from that magical 1996 season.

When we went to go visit the Denver Broncos in the 1996 AFC Divisional Playoff game, few expected the Jaguars to come close, much less win the game. But that’s exactly what they did, despite being 12.5-point underdogs. Natrone Means punished the Broncos defense, going for 140 yards and 6.7 yards per carry, Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell combined for 170 yards and two touchdowns.

But it was Mark Brunell’s 29-yard scramble in the fourth quarter on second-and-9 when that is etched into my brain. Near midfield, Brunell took the snap, he ran right, got away from a safety, ran left, galloped behind a block from McCardell, and ended up on the 21.

What about you? What’s your favorite Jaguars memory? Let us know in the comments below!