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Former Jaguars safety Ronnie Harrison: ‘So relieved to be out of Jacksonville’

Harrison was traded to the Cleveland Browns last week.

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Former Jacksonville Jaguars safety Ronnie Harrison is happy to be out of Jacksonville.

The Jaguars have moved on from several players throughout the offseason, but that doesn’t stop some players from speaking out one final time.

After sending Harrison to the Cleveland Browns for a fifth-round pick three days ago, Harrison took to Twitter to say his goodbyes to Jacksonville, thanking the organization and the city for his two years of service with the team.

Today, however, Harrison spoke out about his excitement to be with his new team in the Browns, particularly to be away from the Jaguars’ organization.

“So Relieved To Be Out Of Jacksonville And Around A New Team Who Wants One Common Goal! Thank You God!,” Harrison wrote on Twitter earlier today. Harrison is not the first former Jaguars player to seemingly speak out against the organization, which ultimately began with the Jalen Ramsey saga last year.

It is unclear what the common goal Harrison is referring to, however, the team has won just 11 games since he was drafted in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Later, Harrison claimed the first response was not a shot or throwing shad at Jacksonville, simply meaning what he said.

Harrison was traded by the team after being beat out by former Packers second-round pick safety Josh Jones and rookie Daniel Thomas.

In 22 career starts for the Jaguars, Harrison tallied 103 tackles (68 solos), five tackles for loss, two sacks and three interceptions.

Yesterday, Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell addressed Harrison’s departure, comparing it to running back Leonard Fournette’s departure just days prior - he simply got beat out.

“Josh [Jones] has had a tremendous camp,” Caldwell told members of the media via Microsoft Teams. “He’s a guy that can play both in the backend and play up close to the box. He’s big. He’s got very good play speed and he’s long, like Ronnie is, and he can cover half the field, so we felt really good about him. [He’s] a smart guy, a good communicator and then Daniel Thomas, our fifth round pick out of Auburn, was having a tremendous camp.”

Ultimately, the Jaguars were not going to retain Harrison. With only four safety spots available, the team opted to go with a younger player in Thomas and one of the team’s stand-out players during training camp in Jones. The other two spots were filled by free safeties and stand-out special teams players in Andrew Wingard and Brandon Watson.

The Jaguars have battled plenty of headlines over the years due to the way the team’s operations have been perceived, and now Harrison is looking forward to a new beginning in Cleveland, and away from Jacksonville.