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Tanking! Rebuild! Punting! What would you call what the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing in 2020?

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are... well, they’re certainly doing something this season.

The team has traded away veterans like Calais Campbell and A.J. Bouye while they could still get draft picks for them. They’ve gotten rid of younger players like Ronnie Harrison and Leonard Fournette who weren’t quite up to snuff. They have 16 rookies on their roster — every single position group has at least one rookie. Some, like the secondary, have as many as five rookies in the room.

The front office and coaching staff have been adamant they can’t afford another year of rebuilding. And it’s not a tank job, at least not in the traditional “we’re trying to lose games this year” sense of the word.

So, what is it? What would you call it?

Personally, I like to think of it as a surprise punt by your quarterback on 3rd-and-30. You know you’re not going to get the first down so you make the best of your failure on the drive by catching the defense off guard and pinning the defense deep. Maybe you’ll get a stop and then your offense is right back where it was with a fresh set of downs. It’s a concession, but only in the short term — and you set yourself up with the best chances for future success.

But what do you think? How would you describe what this team is doing in 2020?