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Big Cat Country Q&A: Will the Jaguars trade up in the 2021 NFL Draft?

Kentucky vs Florida Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

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Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions now that absolutely no one in the national media wants us to draft Trevor Lawrence!

Today we’re talking about the Senior Bowl, trading draft picks, NFL quarterbacks wielding too much power, and (of course) Trevor Lawrence.

Blake from Fairpoint, NY

Q: Do you see the Jaguars trading up in the first round or trading up in other rounds to acquire talent?

A: I’ll answer this in two parts because I think there are two different answers. As far as the first round goes, no, I see them sticking with the picks they have. That’s less due to the fact that there are players I think they’ll want to pick and more due to them not falling in the first round. Kyle Pitts, in my opinion, is one of the few players good enough to deserve trading the farm. But he’s going to go very quickly — maybe as high as No. 8 overall to the Carolina Panthers. We’re not trading that far and so just go sign Jonnu Smith or Eric Ebron and grab the best player available at the bottom of the first round.

When we get to the second and third rounds, things get a bit more interesting. What if a first round cornerback like Ohio State’s Shaun Wade or Oregon’s Thomas Graham, Jr. falls to the second round? Do you package one of your second round picks and a third round pick to move up? I would.

Kevin from Hong Kong

Q: Who will you guys keep an eye on during the Senior Bowl? And why are you guys so cute?

A: Let me address your second question with a question of my own: Why?

As far as the Senior Bowl, our very own JP Acosta wrote up a really good piece on the players he’s keeping an eye on. You can read that here. But if I’m watching just one player at the Senior Bowl, it’s going to be Florida State safety Hamsah Nasirildeen for two reasons — I’m a homer who lives in Tallahassee and it’s a serious position of need. Nasirildeen suffered a serious knee injury recently and it could cause a fringe first round talent to fall into the Jaguars’ laps.

Ryan from Macclenny, FL

Q: Urban Meyer emphasized many times having an “elite staff” would be key in our success. With most of the big positions hired, do you think he’s accomplished that?

A: I wouldn’t call it an elite staff, but it is very good. Bringing anyone over from the defensive side of the Baltimore Ravens coaching staff is going to be a positive, and Joe Cullen has been coaching defensive lines (some who were very, very good) for three decades. I think Charlie Strong is an addition that is flying under the radar, but he’ll be very good with the linebackers. Darrell Bevell has worked with the likes of Brett Favre, Russell Wilson, and Matt Stafford so it’s nice to see Urban Meyer realize right away the offense goes through Trevor Lawrence and pick a quarterback-centric offensive coordinator. I like the staff.

Lucas from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What can we do with Trevor Lawrence and everything else we’ll add in the next two years?

A: Become a perennial playoff team.

Ryan from Lancaster, PA

Q: Is it possible the Jaguars don’t draft Trevor Lawrence?

A: Yes, but in the same way it’s possible I get hit by a bus on my way home from the office. Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? No, probably not.

Jay from Jacksonville, NC

Q: With Deshaun Watson requesting a trade, will the Jaguars consider making a push for a franchise quarterback or will they sit back and just hope they find one in Trevor Lawrence? Even though I believe the Texans don’t trade him to a divisional team, it would be hard to say no to the draft capital we can offer. Give them an offer they can’t refuse.

A: We outlined why trading for Deshaun Watson would be a bad idea here, but I’ll offer one more that wasn’t in the article — Trevor Lawrence is on a rookie contract for the next five years and Deshaun Watson isn’t. There has never been more incentive to finding a good quarterback in the NFL Draft and I don’t think Trent Baalke passes that up. You can build around Trevor Lawrence in ways you just can’t with Deshaun Watson.

Chevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Are NFL quarterbacks starting to wield too much power?

A: I don’t think it’s possible for the most important player in professional sports to wield too much power. Deshaun Watson is a top-five quarterback in the NFL right now and he’s only 25 years old. He should be wielding more power, honestly. Maybe if fans weren’t so quick to side against players speaking out, the Texans wouldn’t be the clown show it currently is. And who should be wielding that power? Coaches? Owners? Players who have less direct impact on the team’s success? Nah.