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Jaguars likely to move on from Doug Marrone, Urban Meyer top target, per report

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished out the 2020 NFL season with their 15th loss in a row, losing to the Indianapolis Colts in the season finale. The Colts, who were the only team the Jaguars beat all season, locked up a playoff spot with the win. With the 1-15 season done and over with, all the attention now turns to what the Jaguars are going to do going forward with general manager and head coach.

According to Ian Rapoport, to no one’s surprise, the Jaguars are expected to fire Doug Marrone as soon as Mondaymorning.

“The Jaguars are likely to part ways with Doug Marrone, their coach the last five years, someone who took them to the AFC title game and someone they believe as an organization is really a very good coach and a good man as well,” Rapoport said on Good Morning Football on NFL Network.

“This is going to be a tough and difficult morning likely for owner Shad Khan, who at some point is going to meet with Doug Marrone and discuss his fate.”

The big question is where do the Jaguars go once Marrone is inevitably let go. Rapoport shed some light on that, as well.

“If they do move on, which again I believe is likely, a couple of names to keep an eye on for Jacksonville, which should be one of the prime locations for a new general manager or for a new head coach. One of the names to watch Urban Meyer, the former Florida coach, former Ohio State coach, won national titles and one of the best developers of quarterbacks we’ve seen in a long time,” Rapoport explained. “He is believed to be at the top of the Jaguars wish list, he’s also told potential assistants he believes the job is his if he wants it. It’s really just a matter of medically health wise does Urban Meyer, who has retired a couple of different times for health reasons, does he want to do it.”

The interest in Meyer had been rumored since last offseason and was initially reported about two weeks ago, but with it now being Black Monday in the NFL, we will see just how much interest there really is.