New Year's Eve 2012: Jaguars Time Travel


What if Khan could go back to 12/31/12 and make a wish?

On December 31, 2012, the Jacksonville Jaguars had just wrapped up a 2-14 season - Khan's first season as owner. 2012 was the worst season in franchise history (until 2020), and the 7 home losses in Jacksonville in 2012 remains a franchise record. Gene Smith was largely to blame. Khan made the right move: he fired Smith, who had been GM since 2009 (and Director of College Scouting in years prior).

What happened over the next 8-and-a-half years since is regrettable.

  • 1/8/13 - Dave Caldwell hired as GM
  • 1/17/13 - Gus Bradley hired as Head Coach
  • 2013-2016 - Jaguars 14-48 (.226) in 4 seasons
  • 1/9/17 - Removed interim tag from Doug Marrone as Head Coach
  • 1/9/17 - Tom Coughlin hired as EVP of Football Operations
  • 2017 - Jaguars surprising run (10-6 season led by defense)
  • 2018-2020 - Jaguars 12-36 (.250) in 3 seasons
  • 1/14/21 - Urban Meyer hired as Head Coach
  • 1/20/21 - Trent Baalke promoted to GM
  • 2020-Present: 20 consecutive losses (2nd-longest losing streak in NFL history)
All the while, there has been misstep after misstep in the NFL Draft, at an even higher rate than expected. The Jaguars have also famously alienated and/or mismanaged even those that they properly scouted (Jalen Ramsey and Allen Robinson to name a few).

So what if we could travel back in time? How good could we be?

Jags Alternate Universe

1/8/13 - Andy Reid hired as Head Coach

  • Yes, he was fired by the Eagles on the same day we fired Mike Mularkey (12/31/12)
  • Yes, he was available and the Jaguars were rumored as a possible landing spot
  • Yes, Khan has enough money (and the benefit of today's knowledge) to offer him whatever it would have taken

1/8/13 - Chris Ballard hired as GM

  • Yes, he was ready to be a GM
  • Yes, his resume at that time was not all that different from Caldwell's (just a few years less experience)
  • Yes, we have a freakin' time machine

2013 - 2017: Re-Drafting just 7 Picks*

*I'd do more, but this further illustrates how important the Draft is

  • 13 - Travis Kelce (over Johnathan Cyprien)
  • 14 - Davante Adams (over Marqise Lee)
  • 15 - Stefon Diggs (over Rashad Greene)
  • 16 - Derrick Henry (over Myles Jack)
  • 17 - Tyreek Hill (over Sheldon Day)
  • 17 - Pat Mahomes (over Leonard Fournette)
  • 17 - Alvin Kamara (over Cam Robinson)

21 Jags (Alternate Universe)

  • HC - Andy Reid
  • GM - Chris Ballard
  • QB - Pat Mahomes
  • RBA - Derrick Henry
  • RBB - Alvin Kamara
  • WR (X) - Davante Adams
  • WR (Z) - Stefon Diggs
  • WR (Slot) - Tyreek Hill
  • TE - Travis Kelce


Bad decisions on leadership and bad drafting have gotten us here.

Urban Meyer and Trent Baalke don't look to be very good at this. I know it's early, but aside from the shenanigans, here are our rookie contributions (outside of the most obvious #1 overall selection in Trevor Lawrence).

  • Travis Etienne - 0 games played; out for season (injury)
  • Tyson Campbell - Targets: 15/22 (68.2%) for 203 yds (13.5 yds/cmp) ; 0 INT's
  • Walker Little - 0 games played
  • Andre Cisco - 12.2% of defensive snaps this year (0 def. snaps since Week 2)
  • Jay Tufele - saw first action Sunday (13 snaps)
  • Jordan Smith - 0 games played
  • Luke Farrell - 81 snaps; 4 catches for 25 yards
  • Jalen Camp - now with Texans
  • We aren't any closer to building a sustainable winner now than we were during the 2018 season or even the 2012 season for that matter. Other than having Trevor Lawrence. We don't have a time machine. We need a regime that focuses on what matters: drafting and developing talent.

    Here's to hoping Meyer-Baalke regime's first class is just off to a slow start.

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