Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 Staff

Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 Staff

I don't see the current Jags Coaching staff making it past the end of this season. Going into a rebuild with the wrong coaching staff is not a death sentence, if caught early (see the Cleveland Browns). Below is list of my top 3 choices for 3 positions I think are critical to the structure of the Jags going forward.

Executive Vice President of Football Operations: The Jags tried the Assistant VP role before with Coughlin the problem was that in hiring Tom Coughlin, they castrated the incumbent GM in Dave Caldwell creating a weird environment. In this case the VP of Football Operations would be the first hire and would make the top-down decisions creating a clear chain of command within the organization. Usually the GM fulfills this position, but this Owner (who has tried) has shown that he needs someone who knows the league to make these decisions on his behalf.

1. Marvin Lewis: Lewis has an extensive NFL experience and oversaw nearly all facets of the Cincinnati Bengals footballing operations in his time as Head Coach. He's currently filling a similar role at Arizona State.

2. Peyton Manning: This is unlikely as Manning seems to be having a great time in front of the camera. Manning would be a risk as he doesn't have any experience in the position, but he has filled the role of consultant for a couple of teams in the league. He's certainly knowledgeable and may be one of the most well-connected people in the league.

3. John Dorsey: Has extensive knowledge of football operations as a former GM for Kansas City and Cleveland. Would give the organization an experienced and well-connected leader going forward.

General Manager: In the case where we have a VP of football operations, I think having a first time GM would be the way to go. The young GM has less duties to worry about with a VP over them, and the VP does not have to worry about a veteran GM continuously trying to fight for more control. I think the targets hear should be experienced personnel leads from teams with strong draft records.

1. Brandon Hunt - Director of Pro Scouting - Steelers -€” A chance for promotion to a higher position would draw hunt in. The Steelers are one of the best drafting teams in the league.

2. Joe Hortiz - Director of Player Personnel - Ravens -€” Similar to Hunt, Hortiz would be looking for a promotion. Baltimore is also one of the best drafting teams in the league.

3. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah - VP of Football Operations - Browns -€” Another young GM candidate. Mensah is an analytics heavy front office manager (something that I think may intrigue ownership). I think the combination of analytics driven methodology mixed with the raw football knowledge of the PFO's listed above could be very intriguing if done correctly.

Head Coaches: The teams Head Coach should be selected by the Head of Football Operations (they will also be responsible for firing the coach). The coach would have control of their own staffing hires.

1. Mike Eberflus - Defensive Coordinator - Colts: Eberflus is one of the best defensive coordinators in the league. He has the kind of demeanor and experience while still being relatively young 51 that I think could be beneficial to this team.

2. Kellen Moore - Offensive Coordinator - Cowboys: Kellen Moore quietly has done an excellent Job with the Dallas Offense in the last two years. Even after losing Dak Prescott and half of his offense line to injury early in the season last year the cowboys still ranked in the middle of the league. Moore is young and innovative and can grow with a young team, and QB.

3. Dennis Allen - Defensive Coordinator - Saints: Allen has done an incredible job as DC in New Orleans. Over the last couple of years, the Saints has turned in one of the best defenses in the league in large part to Allen. Allen had a disastrous stint as head coach for the Raiders (the circumstances in that stint made winning impossible). Allen would give the Jags a young but experienced coaching option.

*What are your thoughts on this front office structure/and candidates selected? Comments and criticisms welcome always love talking to other Jags fans.*

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