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Week 7 TV map coverage: What games are we watching in Jacksonville?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on a bye week. This would typically be the article that we show you what local markets are featuring Jacksonville, but after a nationally televised game we got to enjoy over brunch... well... that’s not the case this week.

So, what games will be shown in the local Duval market?

CBS Early (1:00pm EST): Kansas City Chiefs (-5) @ Tennessee Titans

See all that red? That’s the Kansas City Chiefs traveling to play the Tennessee Titans. It’s about as nationally televised matchup as you’ll get on a Sunday afternoon. And you know what? I’m down.

Sure, the Baltimore Ravens will be going up against the Cincinnati Bengals and it’d be fun to watch Lamar Jackson one more time. But the other game is the New York Jets vs. New England Patriots and... no.

According to DraftKings sportsbook, the Titans are 5-point underdogs and the over/under is 57.5. I’d much rather bet the mortgage on the over than mess with the odds. I think Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs roll to a victory, but who knows? Derrick Henry could 100 percent score a garbage time touchdown that covers the spread and then it’s all for naught.

FOX Single (1:00pm EST): Atlanta Falcons (-2) @ Miami Dolphins

This is actually an interesting game for us! If Miami can win, the Jaguars move up in the draft order. Don’t believe me? Click here and find out how.

According to DraftKings, the Falcons are 2-point underdogs, but I think taking the Dolphins and the points could be an interesting pick. The over/under is set at 48 and that just feels like a “this game ends 24-23” sort of trap.

CBS Late (4:00pm EST): Chicago Bears (+12) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I am absolutely sick at how impressed I am with Tom Brady’s longevity. But hey, Justin Fields is on the television. The Bucs are gonna roll, aren’t they? Sigh.

According to DraftKings, the Buccaneers are 12-point favorites and the over/under is 47.5. I love betting on the over when the spread is so high, so I might find a little cash to throw into my account for this one.