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NFL Week 8: Jaguars vs. Seahawks live blog

Jacksonville could get back-to-back wins for the first time in two years. Maybe. Possibly.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are seeking to get back-to-back wins for the first time in over two years today against the Seattle Seahawks.

No, seriously, that’s not a misprint. (Or a mis-type... it’s a blog, whatever.)

The last time the Jaguars won consecutive games was October 2019. And it was Gardner Minshew under center with Doug Marrone on the sidelines. Wild, right?

And with Geno Smith in for an injured Russell Wilson, it could happen today!



There’s a chance.

Let’s just start the game, y’all.

It’s live blog time...

5:22 PM: The Seahawks are up 17-0 at halftime and they get the ball to start the second half. Game over. Have a good Halloween, y’all.

4:48 PM: James Robinson questionable to return with an ankle injury. Good night.

4:26 PM: Geno Smith caps off a 10-play, 80-yard drive with a sneak at the goal line. Jaguars down 7-0 early.

4:23 PM: Scary bad defense on this play. Geno Smith looking like Tom Brady out here. Disgusting.

4:08 PM: GOOD! The Jaguars will (likely) only win if they run early and give Trevor Lawrence a lot of volume late. I know, sounds weird... but it’s how you control the clock, keep Geno Smith from gaining momentum, and then win with the better quarterback.

3:58 PM: I thought the inactive list was an error, but the Jaguars only have 51 players on their 53-man roster. Wait, what? Bigger practice squads!