Urban Freaking Meyer!!

ok so ill start by saying i am a fan since i was a kid in 95. never waivered or faltered with my fandom. never once. through all the bad teams and the immense mismanagements. always supported and waited for better days. i a lot like most i hope thought this regime might've had that little twinkle that turns into a spark into a fire. but to be honest urban Meyer has been a massive let down to this point. I've played sports my whole life in some degree or another. and if my coach talked all this rah rah then he was caught knuckle deep in someone his daughters age o man id lose all faith. or at minimum have a very hard time standing in the fire for you and getting my head knocked off every Sunday. he never looks positive, he always looks like someone just walked over his grave, or literally like a man that is wanting out of something. what that something is can only be his contract and to move on into greener pastures. he looks ill half the time. speaks so low toned and broken. maybe that's me but it don't look good from where i see it. god i wanna be wrong. but something tells me i am not. i thought all the quitter stuff was just national news BS. but has breathing life into it every time i see him do a news conference. the play calling isnt him directly. but it is his people. and im not thrilled with the hires i guess. they don't blow my hair back. the trades and cuts or didn't make the teams are suspect at best. we drafted a CB that don't do the one thing he was drafted to do. someone shed some light. make me feel better. Tlaw don't smooth over the edges for me anymore. and ETN never did when we had JROB.

someone talk me off this ledge!!

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