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Big Cat Country Q&A: Do Urban Meyer’s distractions have the potential to ruin Trevor Lawrence’s development?

Arizona Cardinals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It’s Friday and you know what that means! It’s time to answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions!

Today we’re talking about Urban Meyer’s distractions, Trevor Lawrence’s development, and more.

James from Sullivan’s Island, SC

Q: Do Urban Meyer’s distractions have the potential to ruin Trevor Lawrence’s development?

A: This was asked over a dozen times this week, so it’s going at the top. In a word? No. I’ve seen people point to Sam Darnold’s underwhelming play with Adam Gase at the helm as reason to be worried and... if you think Trevor Lawrence and Sam Darnold are in the same stratosphere, I’d recommend getting your eyes checked.

All you have to do is see Trevor’s development over the course of the first four games. He’s not only improved, he’s drastically improved. I’d be surprised if Urban Meyer lasts through the end of the season, so as long as Trevor can continue to grow and get more comfortable in the pro game (and this doesn’t drag into 2022) then I think he’ll be fine.

Henry from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Why not Jaylon Smith? It cannot get worse than it is now.

A: We’ve been saying “it cannot get worse” for a decade now. It absolutely can. Not to say Jaylon Smith would make things worse, but I don’t think he’d make things better.

KT from Charlotte, NC

Q: So we’ve moved on from Tom Coughlin’s camp grind to Urban Meyer’s dance floor grind. Which do you prefer?

A: Jack Del Rio’s axe to grind.

Kelly from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is it really necessary to be thinking about replacing Urban Meyer already? Will there be a negative impact on the team if he stay?

A: If the Jaguars fired Urban Meyer today, I wouldn’t definitively say it was the right decision... but I certainly wouldn’t argue it. He’s a net negative as a head coach. What exactly has Urban Meyer done to make the Jaguars better?

Diz from Frisco, TX

Q: Would you take the over or under that Derrick Henry has 100 rushing yards against us?

A: Over.

Ben from Chicago, IL

Q: Instead of firing Urban Meyer and allowing the Jaguars players to rally around a coach they actually respect to take on our mortal foes this week, Shad Khan isn’t doing anything. Why is he deciding to play the “wait and see” game?

A: Because we are four weeks into the season and Urban Meyer represents one of the most significant investments that Shad Khan has ever made into this team. We may want Urban Meyer gone, and Shad Khan might want Urban Meyer gone, but this isn’t Madden. You have to figure out how to do this in a way that helps the franchise save face... and a few million that Urban Meyer is contractually owed.

Jimmy from Jacksonville, FL

Q: This is our penance for not appreciating Jack Del Rio more isn’t it?

A: We must turn towards the light, Jimmy.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Q: The Jaguars are going to do the same thing to DJ Chark they did to Allen Robinson, aren’t they?

A: There will likely be a new head coach and general manager next January, and I suspect he’ll want to retain his best wide receiver instead of adding it to his to-do list upon arrival.