Will Urban Meyer Be Fire?? Honest Question

I've watched every single game this year. they have been some of the worst coached stuff I've ever laid my eyes on.

and I'm not a UM hater. i wanted him to be everything he was selling this team, and i wanted it badly! but man this is the worst stuff or close to it i think i have ever seen literally. but my question isn't if they are coached poorly or not that's not even a debate. but, do we honestly think this whole front office will even exist after this year? top to bottom. its got to go right? they couldn't possibly get a year 2 right? I get its a rebuild but they haven't been able to put a decent mediocre team on the field. its very telling of someone who doesn't know the pro game to well right? god i hope they don't get a year 2 of this same crap, ill have to stop watching!

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